Tuesday, January 26, 2016

home evening

We finished Season Five of Downton yesterday.  Grace has a bad cold and sounds like she's barking when she speaks, so she spent the day on the couch under blankets resting, so it was easy to just sit with her and watch.  I didn't get much else done all day, other than bake her some cookies because that's what sounded good to her.

As Doug and I were settling into bed, night before last, I remembered something that had made me laugh really hard earlier in the day. It was a You Tube video of an LDS comedian who was spot on with his humor.  My i-Pad was charging right next to our bed, and so I said, "Can I keep you awake for two more minutes?"  I opened the video and we both just laughed and laughed.  We noticed another clip and watched it too.  The second one was of another comedian doing his impersonations of the LDS General Authorities.  He was really good, getting all of their little mannerisms to a tee.  I closed the iPad and put it back on the night stand.  Doug was waiting to kiss me goodnight as I rolled back over.  We kissed and he rolled back to his side of the bed.  Out of the blue, in a perfect imitation of President Thomas S. Monson, he said, "Kisses were exchanged."  Oh my gosh!  I was cackling out loud!  The kids could hear me downstairs!  It gave me the giggles and I laughed for a few minutes, starting over every time I'd stop.  Finally, thinking we were done, Doug asked, "I wonder if that kid does Joseph Smith too?"  Again, another burst of laughter.  I love that he makes me laugh and often!

Yesterday morning, Carol and I made our early morning Sonic run and Doug called right as we pulled up to order.  Most of the workers know us and know our order, Carol's easy ice and lots of lime,  my extra ice and one slice of lime.  Natasha, the manager, was outside changing signs, so Carol ordered while I was talking with Doug. I never gave a thought to the fact that I'd promised Grace a peach slush and that we'd only be gone twenty minutes.  Not so much.  We were almost home, just a few blocks away, when Carol turned around and drove all the way back to get Grace's slush, which, besides her cookies, was all that she ate all day long.  She's home again this morning, barking and coughing up a storm.

Last night, Quayd worked, Zee stayed home with Grace and Doug and I attended the YSA Home Evening activity, which was a Minute to Win It "pentathon"... five activities.  The activity was attended by about 75 students.  They went from activity to activity, with points being kept at each station.  In the end, scores were totalled and prizes were given.  What a fun activity!  And the competition was fierce!  Fun competition, but fierce!  Lots of good laughs!  Following the competition, subway sandwiches and chips were served.  A really fun night!  I do love Doug's calling and these kids!  I want to adopt them all!

A few pix from the evening...

The kids waste no time.  At 6:59, there was one person there.  At 7:01, they were all standing and awaiting instructions.

Andy, who's in charge, and does a fantastic job, was welcoming everyone.  Doug's standing in the background, like the leaders do.  They really let the kids do everything!  It's such a great training for their future.

 Max climbed into the basketball trashcan and asked to be pushed while he shot from all over the court.  He's pretty good!  As the night was coming to a close, I asked him, "Max, is there anything you are not good at?"  This kid is simply amazing!  I've told my girls that he's the kind of guy they want to be looking for!

 One of the activities was to do a 24 piece puzzle while being timed.  Hannah was pretty excited about this one.

This was the activity that I "managed".  Doug and I laughed all the way to Smithfield to pick Quayd up from work at 9 about this.  The kids had to suck on a straw (they each had their own straw) and pick up M&Ms, then drop them into the pan.  This is Max, Christina and Nathan, who actually were the winners, placing 130 M&Ms in the pan.  They were closely followed by only one other team at 129, but the average team of three placed 90-110 in the sixty seconds.  

I have to say that of all the challenges, why  I got this one, I'll never understand... give the germaphobe the challenge that involved a lot of spit.  It was pretty gross.  The M&Ms got pretty slimey and wet, disgusting!  We actually had to change the M&Ms after a bit because they were sticking to the straws.  Eeewwwwwwww!  I gagged a lot.  Even some of the boys were gagging.  But, lots of laughs!  And by 45 seconds, most kids were feeling light-headed!

Here's Bishop and Ann recording the scores. Bishop Skeen is very creative and and quite a perfectionist, which equals outstanding activities!

And here's Doug reading his scores to Bishop to enter into the computer.  

After the games, the kids congregated into another area of the building for sandwiches and visiting.  One thing that I am learning about YSA is that these kids do not need or care if there's a tablescape or even a table cloth!  Just feed them and they are thrilled!  AND ALWAYS so appreciative.  I don't know if it's just this particular group or what, but these kids thank us for every little detail.  They are awesome!

I thought that the prize was pretty funny... a week's supply of Ramen for each team member. Here's Max, Nathan and Christina, our winners... also three of my favorite kids in the ward.

As Doug and I left after clean-up to get Quayd on a very foggy night in our valley, we stopped at Jimmy Johns for a sandwich of our own (we don't usually eat until the kids are done and there's usually nothing left...we figure the kids are always hungry and we can eat whatever we want when get home.).  Driving through the fog, we reviewed the night's success and several times, both of us said, "they are just awesome kids, aren't they!?"  They really are a blessing in our lives at this time, as we get to know and love each and every one of them!  Good times!

We got home just before ten with Quayd.  The girls were waiting up for scriptures, which we've decided is working best for us just before bedtime because of everyone's crazy schedule.  As I went to sleep last night, I was thinking about our life and how much the gospel of Jesus Christ impacts it.  Truly, every single day of our lives, we have activities in and out of our home that are not just "church" related, but more so, they are "gospel" related.  From church and temple attendance ... to prayer... to scripture study... to service in our wards... to fun activities... to just having conversations and discussions in our home with friends and family on a regular basis, our lives would be completely different were it not for our activity in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It keeps us busy, sometimes even crazy busy at times, but, what a joy and a gift it in in our lives.  It's all about family and service and devotion.  I can't imagine anything better to influence our lives for the good.  Just sayin'.

Life is good!

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