Thursday, January 14, 2016

St. George Road Trip Day 2

After very  little sleep, worrying about Aylabelle, we were thrilled to see her wake up feeling great and saying "Me's all better."  For the most part, other than being tired from being up all night long at the hospital, she was a delight.  We had breakfast and visited a bit, all of us feeling quite tired in the morning, but glad to just chill and visit.  Liza told us all the details of her little Emergency Room experience, where she said that Aylabelle just kept telling everyone thank you for everything they'd do to her and her least favorite part was having the little oxygen thingee clipped on her toe.  That bothered her more than wearing the mask for the breathing treatment.   Liza did not want to take her out into the world, however, so Carol and I left them at home, hoping they would both get some rest, and headed to town for lunch at Applebees with my mother.

Mom looked great.  We spent over two hours at lunch and I never even thought to take one single picture.  Mom told us lots of stories of her life.  She was, very obviously, happy for the company.  We had a nice visit and will probably go out to her home to see her sometime today for a bit.  If not, she'll come to see us at Liza's.

Before we came home, we made a stop at Target to pick up some juice for Aylabelle and since Pier One was next door, we had to stop there! I love just soaking in the decorating ideas there!  And we had to run to Sonic on our way home because it's what we do. Happy moment!

When we came home, Aylabelle was awake and feeling great.  Liza and Carol took a serious walk together. I can't keep up with either of them because of my foot, so, Aylabelle and I took a short walk around the block where she showed me all of the fun things in her neighborhood.  "I love rocks, Grammie!"  She lives in the right place for rocks!  St. George, like Phoenix, is filled with rock yards instead of grass because of the extreme summer heat.  Speaking of which, it's been in the upper 40s here and it was 1 degree in Logan yesterday.  Hard to imagine that 6 hours can make such a difference in temperatures!  Our walk was short and sweet, but I loved every second of it!

Buddy has sporting events at the university, so he will be working late tonight.  Because of his work schedule, we made last night our Game Night.  As soon as he came in from work, we had such a delicious dinner and I learned that Aylabelle loves, and I mean, loves sour cream.  Like Ice Cream, she loves it!  She was hoping for a sour cream fajita minus anything else.  And she showed me how to do it!  (You can see in her little eyes that she's still not feeling 100%.  Sadness.)

 After our yummy fajita dinner, and Aylabelle was in bed for the night, we sat down and played Fruit Salad, then Like Minds, then Zero, then Tenzi.  Oh my heck!  Another new fun and exciting game!  We LOVED Tenzi!  Liza and Buddy had bought it for Christmas.  This was a game that I literally held and got up to the register to pay, then changed my mind, last summer in Idaho with Carol.  We've been missing out!  There's a set of cards called, "77 ways to play Tenzi" that they also bought.  We played until almost 2 in the morning and didn't want to stop then!  We weren't even thinking straight after our all-nighter the night before, but no one wanted to stop! We kept saying, "One more.  One more!" 

Then, Carol and I got into bed and talked for almost half an hour.  We were laughing so hard that we had to muffle our faces.  I commented about how much we laugh when we are together.  It's great to have friends to laugh with!

My favorite thing of the day, however, was that Doug texted me, over and over, all day. This is a first and I'm loving it!  He's not a texter, but he made me laugh.  Then, late last night, at 10:17, he texted six in a row...
TV was on (meaning that's all they did last night...LOL)
Love you
Red script (read scriptures)
Buenos noches

I responded in the middle of our game playing "Love You"

He wrote back: U2zZzzz snore...

We had talked several times, as well, but the fact that he's getting better texting makes me happy!  The YSA kids text him all the time, so he's had to learn how!  Another blessing from his fun calling!  ;)

This morning, everyone is still sleeping.  I'm up and can't even think about going back to bed. I'm ready to get moving!  Doing what, I'm not sure, but I'm ready!  There was the other news this morning:

  • Actor Alan Rickman passed away of cancer.  We loved him!  What a sad loss to the acting world.  ZJ texted already that she wants to cry. They loved him in Harry Potter.  Doug and I loved him long ago in Quigley Down Under and Robin Hood. 
  • Apparently, someone won 1.4 billion dollars playing the lottery last night.  We didn't win.  Wait, we didn't buy a ticket.  We couldn't win.  Never have, never will.  But, congrats to whoever did and I hope that they do much good with their new found gains.
We will be heading home tomorrow.  The kids need their mom at home.  It's hard being wife to Doug, mom to bigs and babes and gram all at the same time!  And there's that friend factor in there too.  I'm blessed with so many wonderful people in my world!  And thankful that everyone allows me to wear all of my hats when I need to!  Life is good!

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