Tuesday, January 5, 2016

my bad

So, yesterday, Carol and I were out and about doing our thing together. I had asked Carol to hold on to some money for me until we went shopping in January.  I never gave it another thought until yesterday morning when we made our plan to go shopping.

As we were getting out of the car at Taipan, she handed me the money , we walked into the store, got a shopping cart and headed straight to the cute new Valentine decor, which I remember specifically picking up a piece that required both hands, so I was not holding the money.  We shopped a bit and decided to run to Kohls before buying anything. At the Kohls register, I realized that I did not have the money.  Carol had handed it to me. I didn't remember putting it away...in my jeans pocket or the side pocket of my purse where I would have put it because I was getting ready to spend it.  We stepped out of line and looked through my jeans, through my wallet, my planner, my purse pockets.  Carol searched her pockets.  We went out to search the car.  The money was nowhere.  NOWHERE. 

We were both sick.  We instantly retraced our steps and raced back to Taipan.  Ann, the manager, said that there had only been two people in since we'd been there.  We searched the shopping carts, the places we had looked.  Everyone in the store was looking for this wad of cash.  Nothing.  We were both sick.  I even walked into Hastings, next door, to ask if anyone had happened to mention finding cash.  Nothing.  We went through my purse, wallet, planner again.  I went to the bathroom and looked in my jeans.  We searched for an hour.  Then I met Denise for lunch and we did the whole routine again, even going back to Kohls.  The money is gone.  Period.  Carol even went through her car again twice after getting home.  Nothing.  I told Carol, "Well, I hope that whoever found it needed it more than I did."

I was sick all day long, knowing that I would have to tell Doug.  Sadness.  He came home from work and I said, "I have some really sad news to share."  He sat down and listened.  His response, "Well, let's hope that whoever found it needed it worse than we did."  That was it.  He was sweet about it and he wondered if someone didn't just pick it up from my purse.  I don't remember putting it in my purse.  I'd have had to straighten it out and fold it.  I don't remember.  That alone frightens me to no end!  All day long, and then last night, I wondered what happened to the money.  No clue whatsoever.

While getting Grace's new phone activated at the ATT store, a gal suggested that I call the police and let them know because sometimes, an honest person finds something and turns it in to them.  I did.  Nada.  The topic came up over and over again... if I found money, I'd let the store know about it.  I'd give them my name and number and have anyone who asked about it call me and tell me how much.  Then, I would know that an employee didn't just pocket it. 

This reminded me of a few experiences... Years ago, my mother managed a JCPenney styling salon in South Florida.  The salons were usually near the bathrooms.  This particular JCP had a little "lounge area with sofas between the salon and the bathroom.  One day, my mother went into the bathroom and noticed a diaper bag.  She picked it up to see if there was any ID in it.  What she found was shocking!  There was over $80,000 cash in the bag!  She said her heart skipped beats as she raced to her office with the bag and called security.  They came and took the bag to the store safe to keep it safely.  (I'm not sure why the police were not called immediately, but this was almost 30 years ago and things were different then.) 

A few hours later, a woman returned for the bag.  She said, "My husband would have killed me for losing this!"  No other explanation was offered. but she knew that it existed, the contents and where she'd left it, so it was obviously hers.  Later the police were notified and they said that had the woman not returned after a certain period of time, the money would have been my mothers by default.  Finders Keepers??  To this day, I think about that.  Mom could have walked out to her car, put that bag in her trunk and no one would have known different.  That wouldn't happen today with security cameras and all, but still.

Another experience, Kelly found a man's wallet that had a good amount of cash in it.  She gave it to me and knew that we needed to call him.  I happened to know the man.   He was overly sappy and kind about our returning it, promising Kelly a "big" reward.  He came and got the wallet, but never did give her a reward.  After that, everytime I saw the man, he acted all squirrelly and embarrassed.  She was a kid!  A five dollar bill would have eased his conscience, I'm certain! :)

I've shared the story of the mickey mouse ring at Disney World when I was twelve years old on my old blogsite.  I think that this was my lesson in life on not stealing and being honest!  Doug insists that "The truth is always so good that it never hurts to tell it!"  Okey dokey then.  I truly do hope that the person who found it really needed it.  I think  I'm losing it...that's scary!  That's all.  Life is good... even when you forget things and lose things...waaaaaaaay more than you should! 


  1. I am sick for you. I have loved your posts this week. What a great family! Fun and food! I didn't save Marilyn's website, I always used your old site to access it. Would it be possible to share it? Or email me. Gayle as Rollie today.

    1. constantgrowingamazement.blogspot.com

  2. I completely understand how you feel! I have had this happen to me and I can't understand why I can't remember. My Mom used to tell me that when you can't find something that it wasn't meant to be yours because someone else needed it more. While I try to believe that, it still is a bitter pill to swallow that I can't remember.