Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mormon Manners Game

We were introduced to this game by our Mennonite friends, the Lehmans, in Goshen Indiana 22 years ago.  It's since been renamed Mormon Manners at our house.  It should be just called NO manners.  Susan asked and I've been meaning to post the rules for two weeks.  Here ya go...

You will need:  a piece of paper for each player.  ONE Pen.  ONLY ONE.  Two dice.  A table. Everyone stands around the table.  Much easier than sitting. (and you'll end up standing anyway before the game is over.)

Round ONE:  The host rolls One Die. Whatever they roll is the number you will roll for this round.  Say it's a five.  SO.  The first player rolls.  IF they roll a five, they grab the pen out of the middle of the table and start writing on their paper.  1 2 3 4 5 6.... In the meantime, the next player rolls.  and the next.  and the next.  The players continue to go around the table, QUICKLY taking turns rolling the die.  The first player who rolls a five, grabs the pen from the person who is writing their numbers (1-100) and begins writing their own list 1 2 3 4 .... until the next person rolls a five, then they grab and start.  If the pen was grabbed from you and you were at 34, but only had the 3 written, when you get the pen, you complete writing 34 and continue on toward 100.  Sometimes, you will barely get the pen and the person next to you rolls a five too, so you won't even get to write a number.  As the game gets further, and people's list of 1-100 is getting closer to 100, the game gets louder, people grab harder, write faster, get sloppier, and manners are out the window!  The first person who completes their list of 1 - 100 wins.  They don't have to be neat, legible, but they do have to list EVERY number 1-100.

ROUND TWO:  First, Roll TWO dice to determine the numbers you will roll for.  This time, if either of the TWO numbers are on the dice, you can grab the pen and begin writing.  Start over on your list at 1 each round.  Same rules.  First person to 100 on their list, wins.

It's so much fun to play, except when Doug plays!  He doesn't hurry.  He doesn't grab.  He offers the pen.  He's far too polite for this game and during this game, he gets yelled at a lot by everyone at the table, because everyone else takes it very seriously and wants to win!  Sadly, when Doug plays, the person seated to play just before Doug has a 99.9% chance of winning!  Yagottaluvhim!

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