Tuesday, September 1, 2015

this is gonna be great!!!

We had our first ward Home Evening ON Monday night!  Carol had invited me to go to Provo for an overnighter with her and her sisters. I was excited to go with her, but when Doug called and I mentioned it, he said that he was fine with my going,  but he would love to have my help at the Home Evening, if I didn't go.  It wasn't a "Don't go" but, as I told him on our way home from this fantastic evening, his calling will always come before my own personal fun.  I'm committed to support him and his calling will be priority number one if I can help. Good call!  I'm so glad that I stayed!  It was a blast!

There were over a hundred college kids there for the "Meet the Bishopric" night.  They all filled out their little information sheets so that the leaders could know a bit more about them.  A photo was taken of each one and their membership records were then transferred electronically from their home wards.  While all of this was happening, Subway sandwiches, chips and treats were served, lots of introductions were made and tons of laughter.  It was awesome!  I absolutely love Doug's new calling!

I snapped this pic of Doug talking with two of the boys.  As always, he was talking with his hands!  That's one thing I love about him!  He's quite demonstrative for such a quiet guy!

There were many more new students in the ward than there were returning students.  Kids move every year.  Some try to stay in the same area/apartment complexes.  This year, lots of new freshmen and it appears that we'll have more boys than girls.

It was so much fun to watch these kids getting to know each other.  Less than thirty are returning students in the same ward, so most of the kids were at the "Hi, I'm ....." point.  By the end of the night, they were old friends!  I love this picture!

On Sunday, in Sunday School, announcements were being made.  At one point, Bishop Skeen mentioned Brother Corbridge and his lovely wife, Sister Corbridge. Doug and I have been married for over thirty-eight years.  In all the years, I've worked for the magazine, been on design teams, taught classes around the country, served in leadership positions, been PTA president and so forth. Doug was always my husband.  Doug has had many leadership positions in the church but they were to do with scouting, Elders and Young Men, which required little from the wife. This is definitely Doug's calling and I am in the supporting role. I am loving watching him getting to know the kids, going out the door to meetings and being able to support him in his calling!  (The extent of my support when he was in Scouting was making treats and pre-cooking his and Quayd or Dale's tin-foil dinners so that all they had to do was reheat them on the fire at camp! BAD SOPHIA!)  So, this is exciting for me!  I love that he's getting this opportunity to grow and serve!  And I'm loving getting to know the kids too! This is going to be GREAT!

In other news, I'm hoping to get my fall stuff out over the next day or two.  I've begun, but am still in search of fall bins.  This is good, because I'm discovering where the Christmas things are early!  It's almost time to start thinking about making salsa and chowchow, as well.    That may or may not happen this year.  We'll see.  Too much other stuff going on and still working on sorting through the garage and the storage room things that came with us.  No garden also puts a damper in canning this fall.  We'll see.  We'll see.  We'll see.

Life is good!  So is having a five day weekend ahead to look forward too!  Doug and I are recovering, but still achy and stiff.  We're hoping that last weeks fender bender is history asap! 


  1. it's your time, too...to learn how the 2nd seat feels. Cuz it's finally Doug's time to shine! And he has had so much light to shine but never the chance. So yay for you both.

  2. I am loving having your blog on this new site. The pictures being full size again is wonderful.

    Thanks Sabrina (Bayou La Batre, Al)

  3. I see one of the young men he is talking to is wearing his Hill Cumorah Pageant Cast t-shirt from this year, I should know him but can't remember the name.