Monday, September 28, 2015

more weekend fun

On Saturday night, Doug was very nervous at bedtime, thinking about his first time conducting Sacrament Meeting.  When he woke up yesterday morning, it was the same thing.  He was lying in bed, eyes wide open, thinking about it.  He is not one for being the center of attention and being the person who conducts a meeting with 180 people in it, sort of, makes you, the center of attention.  It was Fast and Testimony Meeting.  He had several people who's names were to be read as he sustained them to new callings.  And then, he had to bear his own personal testimony after the Sacrament was administered.  The kids and I sat on the back row, with Mary Ann.  We were all so nervous for him...having faith that he'd do fine, but just knowing that he was soooooo out of his comfort zone! He did a wonderful job, taking it very slowly, making sure that he said each person's name correctly, giving them each time to be recognized.  I was holding my breath and praying for him the whole time!  He did great!

Then, after the Sacrament, he bore his testimony.  This man.  He's perfect for me.  I just adore him and his strength and his faith!  He's such an example to our kids.  And I loved that we were sitting on the back row and could see all of the students.  Andy, one of the boys, was sitting with a girl that he's just met and now is dating, just in front of us.  They were holding hands and his arm was around her throughout the meeting.  I watched as they were literally "cheering him on", silently.  When Doug finished, he turned around and said, "He did great, for his first time!"  I could, literally, feel everyone's support, because they all knew it was his first time.

Doug expressed his love for each of the students/members in the ward and his desire to learn each of their names.  He said that he was working hard to learn their names!  (He is... he sits and studies their pix in his directory on his iPhone every spare moment.)  He went on, "I'm working so hard to learn your names, BUT, you keep changing clothes!"  He mentioned a Sister Rudd, who was wearing RED the first time they met.  That was his association to remember her name. He went on, "I don't even know what she's wearing today."  It got a laugh.  He went on to express his love for the Savior and said, "I need the Savior's support in my life!  I'm depending  on His support in this calling."  He's such a humble man.  I do love this husband of mine!   Oh!  He finished his testimony with ease, then, the nerves of "I'm conducting" picked back up. He said, "The time is now yours to stand and share your testimonies.  We'll conclude the meeting at 2:35."  Then her just turned and took a step toward his seat, remembered and turned back to the microphone, and said, very quickly, "OH!  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."   Everyone just cracked up.  His humor and his humility... two of Doug's best qualities!

After the meeting, the kids and I left and came back to our home ward, so that they could be where they were supposed to be.  We looked for Doug in the crowded hallways to tell him good job and goodbye, but he was no place to be found.  As I was pulling into our home ward church parking lot, my phone rang.  It was Doug calling to say that he'd given a quick interview the moment the meeting had ended.  I told him I was proud of him and he was off to his next meeting!

Another thing that he mentioned in his testimony was his love for his family and his appreciation of our support in his new calling.  It's been so interesting.  I absolutely love seeing him serving and loving what he's doing.  I'm amazed at how quickly he is bonding with these young adults and the leaders that he is serving with.  Honestly, it's just an awesome experience!  I hope that the newness never wears off and that we can just continue to grow and love every minute of it!

 After church, I made chicken enchiladas, which could be heated and served anytime later in the afternoon because Doug had meetings later and would only be home for an hour before he had to go back.  We ate and visited and he was out the door.  We'd invited Layne and Julie and the boys over for a movie and treats, but the movie part never happened.  The kids were outside having a blast while Julie, Layne and I visited until Doug came back in from his meeting and then we visited some more!  We all went outside and watched the lunar eclipse.  It was pretty cloudy and we didn't get much of a show.  But, the evening was absolutely perfect.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of stories. Chocolate-peanutbutter cake and icecream.  A great way to end a wonderful Sabbath day!

The photo is a blur, but that's because they were having so much fun!  They literally have a blast together and Layne is ZJ's hero!  Such great neighbors!

I didn't go to bed last night with Doug.  He was so exhausted and I was wide open and wanting to talk.  I knew that we'd end up chatting forever, so we said goodnight and I worked on my journal for a while... I didn't realize it was 1:30 until I climbed into bed.  Oops! This morning, my alarm didn't go off. I had turned it off because there was no school on Friday.  Oops again!  The kids were ready and came upstairs, just as it was time to go!  We literally prayed in the car, then pulled up to the bus stop at the same time the bus did!

I grabbed this photo of the moon before it set this morning.  It was huge!  Blurry pic, fabulous moon!

Life is good!  So are Sundays!

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