Sunday, September 6, 2015

labor day fun

On this Labor Day holiday weekend, we are celebrating Doug's new hours, Doug having a long weekend, which will now be a commodity, celebrating FALL!!! (It's cool enough that the hottub is steaming!), celebrating life in general!  It's been great so far!

We just returned from Ward Prayer with the YSA.  The kids weren't sure that they wanted to go but they loved it!  We were invited to join them for a latenight game night at their apartments, but we opted out, for obvious reasons... we're old!  Our kids were seriously hoping that we would go!  They are growing into this new calling!

The opening of the meeting was two girls singing a duet and playing guitar... a medley of beautiful hymns and primary songs.  WOW!!!  They were awesome!  Afterward, Doug and I were visiting with them and discovered that they both served their missions in Florida, like Doug.  There were some serious high fives!  Have I mentioned that we are loving this!

On Friday, Carol, Mary Ann, Mary Ann's daughter, Lindsey and I went to Midway, UT for Swiss Days.  It's basically one of the biggest craft fairs in the state all year long.  It was the perfect seventy degrees with an amazing breeze that made for a very pleasant sunny day.  We ate lunch at Zermatt Resort and enjoyed a beautiful drive home with lots of gab and laughs and food!  OH MY!  What a lovely little town, Midway.  I can't believe how much of the Swiss influence.  Several people mentioned that they've been to Swiss Alps and it feels very similar.  I've never been, probably never will, but I'll trust that they are right. It was fabulous!  Carol is anti-selfie, but I did talk her into one shot of the two of us.  ONE.  ha! And it's awful!  But, hey, we were there!  Note the wind!!!

It was a perfect day and we were home by late afternoon, in time for more projects at home and then, a movie night with Carol and Mary Ann watching Human Planet at Mary Ann's followed by some hottub time at home with Doug.  It was a busy and fun day!

Saturday, we visited the Farmer's Market, went to lunch and visited with Carol a bit, then came home and spent the evening working on more projects, then some time with the kids.  I've decided to make a little home office for myself in the dressing area of our bedroom.  This is the first home that I've not had a craftroom in as long as I can remember.  I don't craft, so I don't need a craftroom.  BUT.  I do write and study and I'm so happy to have a desk again!  Monday's project is to decorate it and make it feel "like me".  As Doug teases that I say a lot, "I'm verrrrrrry happy!"

It's Sunday night.  We're thinking about building a fire and making S'mores, but the kids are asking for brownies instead. We'll see.  It's cold outside!  I just want to get into the hottub and gab with Doug for the evening.  Again, we'll see.

Conversation between Zee and Doug while they are cleaning up after Sunday dinner...

             Zee:  Dad!  You're the best dad in the whole wide world!  If I had two dads, you'd still be the best dad in the whole wide world!

             Doug:  Thank you!

             Zee:  Seriously, like, I know that you're my only dad but IF there were two of you, you'd still be the best one ever!

             Doug:  Thank you!

             Zee:  No! You don't get it!  You ARE the best dad in the whole wide world!

I'll take that father/teenager conversation any day!  Happy Labor Day weekend! 

Life is good!

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