Monday, September 21, 2015

service project and fun

We had the best Home Evening with the YSA!  The plan was a service project, a barbecue and a contest.... each activity gets more and more fun!

We arrived out at the American West Heritage Center at 5:30, an hour before the kids did.  Once there, we quickly set up the barbecue and food tables, the stuff for the contest and organized the service project.

The kids that arrived at our end of the farm first were put to work on the Scarecrow Contest.  The kids that arrived at the other end first were put to work digging up potatoes and harvesting gourds.  Some of the kids helped with the meal.  Everyone was busy and having a great time working together!

When all of the potatoes were dug, gourds harvested and scarecrows finished, the kids all took corn off the stalks, then tied six stalks together in bundles and tied them to the fencing all around the farm, to be seen by all who drive past the farm on the highway as they enter the valley.  The kids worked fast and hard and impressed the groundskeepers at the farm.  I was amazed at how seriously they got to work and participated!  They are a very impressive group of kids!

This beautiful gal made a friend with this sweet milk cow!

They were seriously right to work and getting the job done!  There were a lot of man hours!

By the time they were done tying them to the fenceposts, it was too dark for me to take any pix.

Following the work, the burgers were cooked and kids ate everything in sight.  So much that Mary Ann went back to town and bought more hamburgers!  All in all, there were about 75 kids there for the meal and service. 

Doug called the short-legged scarecrow, "Lieutenant Dan".  (Forrest Gump fans will get that.)

We were happy to have two female scarecrows, too!  (Thanks, Denise, for the donation.)

I can't get over how much gratitude these kids show for every treat, meal or act of service that we do.  They are really and truly impressively gracious!

 Really, with all these great kids, how could we not love this calling!?!?

After dinner, the kids all cheered/voted for the best scarecrow.  Clean up and then home!

I can't believe we have been missing out on all of this fun for all these years!  While we were home having our quiet little home evenings, there were student wards doing major projects and fun every week!  We've been missing out bigtime!  The kids always love it!  They are getting to know some of the college kids.  We're looking forward to feeding them in our home beginning in two weeks! 

Here's a few more pix of the evening... my personal favorites!

My two sweet sister/best friend/daughters!

These two have a ball together!

 Here's the soul of my soul!

...and the heart of my heart!  (Thank you, Michael Bolton, for that song!)

I tried to get a cute pic of the four of them, but someone blinked in everyone... well, except the one that Quayd was pulling THE weirdest face on purpose, so this will have to do.  As is obvious, they love joining in on the fun of these YSA activities!

We stopped at Mickey Dee's for a yogurt parfait on the way home and, after a quick dip in the hottub for Doug and I, everyone headed straight to bed when we got home.

Life is good!!!
Doug had bought the clothes for the contest last week.  We brought a few extra things, thankfully, and they were needed!

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