Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's beginning to feel like fall!

Slowly but surely, I'm figuring out Blogspot!  This is much better!  I learned how to enlarge the pix and to include them, but I had to get out of Explorer to do so.  Why must everything be so complicated!  OH WELL, I learned something new, so that made it worth it!

Oh my!  Last night, Carol and I went to a 9:40 movie, after everyone at my house was in bed and asleep.  We went to see "Perfect Guy".  OH MY!  There were two inappropriate scenes, which we took offense to. Why were they in a PG-13!?  HOLY COW!  It was the scariest, most intense movie I've seen in years!  It had the feel of Jagged Edge, Sleeping with the Enemy and Double Jeopardy, which are all twenty years old, but still give me the chills when I think of them.  Carol and I were alone in the theater and it was probably for the best.  The entire way through, we were covering our eyes, screaming "RUN! RUN! NOOOOOOO!  OH MY GOSH!  OH MY GOSH!  GET OUT!  DON'T GO IN!"  We crack me up!  I asked the kid who was closing up the theater if he'd heard us screaming!  It was a fun night out.  When I woke up as Doug was leaving this morning, I was scared to death at the sound of every creak in the house!

Speaking of waking up... Doug's very last day of waking up at 3:53 was this morning!  He's got the rest of the week off and next week, when he goes back to work, he goes at a normal time of the morning!  We are very excited about this, although, as much as I've complained about the odd hours of this shift, I've loved having him home on Thursdays and Fridays while the kids were off to school.  Our weekly Friday dates will come to a screeching halt now and, that, I will miss immensely!

Here's a few pix of the house as it's coming together.  One thing that I've discovered is that having 38% larger house, all of my "stuff" doesn't go nearly as far as it did in the old home.  So, yes, less crowded and cluttered, but, I keep wondering if I need something here or there.  According to my husband, we really don't need a thing.  (Some people's husbands!)

Here's the first tablescape that I've done since we've been in the home.  I kept it so very simple!  I'm getting excited about October's already!  I've not done a thing to this table but keep the lamp and my lavender vase all summer.  But... it's time!!!

 When I pulled out the fall bins, I decided that it was time to move this hutch into the entryway.  It's perfect for decorating and I was ready to create new "office" in this space that this was, anyway.  So, it's in the entryway, with a lamp to light things up and I'm getting very excited about putting out the decor!!

For Denise's birthday on Monday, I thought it would be fun to spend the whole afternoon together.  I baked her favorite cake in the morning, then took her to lunch at Firehouse (her choice) and then, home to make this cute and simple banner. She chose the colors and design.  We visited while I argued with my Cricut until we got it done!  (I'd forgotten how to turn it on, even, it's been so long!)  We've been so busy, both of us, that we've not spent as much time together this past six weeks, so it was fun to "play" and celebrate her special day!  

When we were done, I decided not to put things away because now I'm in the mood!  It's so strange not to have a craft room, but as little as I craft anymore, I don't need one! I'll be crafting for the next couple of days and making some things that I've had on my mind since we moved into our new home! Then, I can put everything away until the next time the urge hits me!  HAPPINESS!

This is the place that excites me the most right now!  I LOVE our living room and can not wait to start decorating for Christmas!  For now, I've changed the candles to orange, added the garland on the mantle and the orange wreathe on the old window.  Definitely feeling like fall, just by adding a few of the fall colors!  It's strange not to have my pumpkin pie colored living room in the old home.  But, I do love the brightness of the yellow!  Have I mentioned that this is my most favorite home ever!

The entryway wallpaper continues to grow on me.  I think that even Zee is starting to like it, although she still doesn't want to admit it. 

I need cornstalks to decorate the porch this week!  And a few pumpkins!  And and and... always something, right.
It really does feel like fall!  Doug picked six bags of plums from "Doug's tree" at Natalie's house yesterday!  (They call it "Doug's tree" because he picks them and dries them every year.)  My rings are sliding around on my fingers.  I'm wearing socks! And jeans!  And long sleeve pajamas!  Soup Day is a week late!  The high was 55 degrees today.  The low on Thursday is to be 29 with rain...which will mostlikely mean snow on the mountain!  I'm thinking we aren't too far from some White Bean Chili and Taco Soup and Potato-Corn Chowder!  Fall really is my favorite season!  Well... until winter arrives!
Life is good!

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  1. You might want to go see the gift if you get a chance. Allthough it was rated r. I think it was because of the f word. But. Besides that a good mystery suspense movie. Audra