Sunday, September 27, 2015

weekend fun

The kids and I slept in on Friday morning until almost 8, because there was no school.  We woke up and watched the last few episodes of Drop Dead Diva, which we had never even heard of until recently.  It's all we have watched for weeks.  Like most shows, it started out with three seasons of clean and decent then it started to deteriorate in the later episodes, but it one of the best series we've seen in years.  Why can't something just be good and stay that way!?  ANYWAY.  I made Cracker Barrel Pecan Pancakes for brunch, which we all have become addicted to!  We finished cleaning up, got dressed and headed to town to run a few errands and then to the movies to see Everest!

Everest.  WOW.  All I can say is WOW.  We all sat, holding our breath, watching the movie, but the more I watched, the more my blood pressure went up.  I've read Into Thin Air and Left for Dead.  We've watched every National Geographic and Planet Earth type story about this experience through the years.  BUT.  I can never get past the fact that these men risking their lives, leaving their wives and children to do something that is so high risk.  I realize that every day we wake up not knowing if this is our last, but seriously, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to put your life in danger, to risk never seeing your family again, for bragging rights?  It doesn't make sense to me.  It makes me angry over and over.  That said, it's an amazing film.  A MUST SEE on the big screen.  It's incredible photography and effects.  But, dang those men! (and the women.)  Dang them all! 

Well, Doug is now "officially" into the new shift... he worked overtime on Saturday.  This is lovely on pay day,  but it means a six day work week for him now.   This later bedtime and not getting up at 3:53 is so sweet!!!  And going to bed at the same time is even sweeter!  I love praying together, kissing goodnight and I unwind with Pinterest after he starts snoring! *My body clock will take a while to adjust to 10PM bedtime.  Doug sleeps anytime his head hits the pillow!

When we moved, I carefully packed all of the old gallery/craftroom myself.  I've now spent the past few weeks searching and searching for the cord to my external harddrive and to my Cricut.  I finally borrowed Natalie's cord to make the banners that I made last week, but this is making me crazy.  I tossed an entire bin of old cables and cords during the move,but, I know that I didn't put these two important cords in with a miscellaneous bunch.  So, where they are, I have no clue. I have spent hours looking and am finally just to the point of ordering new ones. I'm sure that the minute I open the new ones, the old ones will magically appear on my desk.  GRRRRRR. 

In the meantime, I spent a bit of time last week making fun banners for fall.  Here's a few....

Mine is in the den over the fireplace...

This was Denise's birthday gift.  She picked out exactly what she wanted.

This was for our sweet dental assistant, Nicole, on her last day.  She was leaving Brett's offices and moving to an ortho surgeon's office.  She's been our favorite!

Carol came over one afternoon and she chose, "Give Thanks".  My photo isn't very good, but it looks so cute in her home!  I hung it on the mantle here to take a picture and you can't read the letters.

Our weekend was busy, busy, busy.  A few highlights...

Mary Ann hosted a beautiful shower at the Riverwoods for her granddaughter/friend Jamie's daughter/Carol's niece, Rachel, who is getting married in a few weeks.  The luncheon was lovely.  Of course, Mary Ann's tables were fabulous.  The company couldn't have been any better.  We played a few very fun "fill in the answer" type paper games during the meal while waiting for our orders to be taken, waiting for salads and then desserts.  Very fun!  It was just perfect.  My favorite part of the shower was visiting with these wonderful women.  Rachel was uber impressively gracious!  (I love good manners!)  She was very specific and personal about each gift.  Rachel has served an LDS mission and her maturity is obvious.  What a lovely girl! What a lovely afternoon!  I love the many connections that I have with Carol's family and was thinking about it later, I love that I can now call Mary Ann, my friend,  not just Carol's sister.  These women are all an amazing family!

On Saturday afternoon, the girls put on dresses and we went out for dinner before the LDS General Womens Broadcast.  Dressing up is part of the experience. ZJ chose this time...Black Pearl for sushi and wonton soup, her favorites. After dinner, we came home, put on our PJs, made brownies and watched the conference on TV in comfort.  It's one of my favorite traditions since Liza and I began.  My only requirement, being that many of the women are at the church having a little dinner together and then watching it in the chapel, is that everyone takes notes in their "Conference Journals".  I'm adamant about this because at home, it's easy to be distracted.  This way, we are all focused on what is being said and we discuss our notes afterward.

Not that I'm biased, but, these are two of the most beautiful girls I've ever known... and I'm not talking about the curls and long lashes and beautiful smiles.  Just sayin'.

President Uchtdorf told a story about a little girl and her Aunt Rose that, surely, will become a forever classic.  It was as though he had the children's book in his hand, reading it to his own granddaughters in his living room at home.  So personal, so intimate, so poignant.  Honestly, I listened to it five more times that night and on Sunday, with Doug, then Quayd and ZJ and myself twice.  I can see the book on the shelves at Deseret Book already and I would stand in line to buy one.  It was a remarkable talk about life.  Listen to it, please.  It will be twenty-one of your best spent moments ever.  This is truly a life-changing story. OH, how I love President Uchtdorf's joyful spirit!

After the broadcast, the girls and I invited the guys to join us for brownies and icecream, with plans to hottub.  However, they ran a plate of brownies over to Layne and Julie's.  Their German exchange student, Lasse, pronounced Las-sa, had come home early and was alone.  Within moment's the entire evening shifted gears!  Lasse came over and the guys all joined us in the den to watch the new DVD "The Cokeville Miracle" and all of it's extras. This is based on the true story, (we actually know two of the victims) of the school takeover in Wyoming, in 1984, by a lunatic man and his wife.  It's a fabulous story to watch and definitely gives you goosebumps!  Watch it!  It's out on DVD and probably will be available on Netflix soon.)  It was a very sobering, but uplifting, movie to watch.

The mood didn't last long because, afterward, we were out of control laughing at ZJ's new screensaver, an ape that does a funky dance to the beat of whatever music you play.  We laughed uncontrollably for over an hour, playing everything from Michael Jackson's Thriller and Bad, to Christmas music to Addams Family Groove to The Lion Sleeps tonight and Put Da Lime in Da Coconut. Even slow songs.  Oh my heck, we could have been heard laughing a block away.  SO funny!  It was midnight before we called it a night!

Life is good... so are fun weekends!

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