Tuesday, September 8, 2015

talent, talent, talent night

Last night, for Home Evening, we all went and joined the Young Single Adults for an awesome evening of fun and talent!  AWESOME!  We had hotdogs and brats for dinner, then were entertained by some amazingly talented kids! WOW!!!  We heard everything from "Radioactive" on the electric violin to a classical piece on a keyboard to several guitar numbers.  Oh my!  BUT.  The best piece of the evening was the finale, when Chris, our Emcee, pulled out his electric guitar and played "Bye-bye, Miss American Pie" and every person there joined in to sing along.  I said to one of the boys, "HOW do you know this song?  Was it in a current movie?  This was a hit when I was a teen!"  I did see a few phones out to soundhound the lyrics, but only two or three.  There were almost eighty kids there! 

Our kids had a blast!  They are loving the fun activities.  On the way home, it was fun to hear them saying "That was so awesome!"  As Doug got ready for bed, I told him that I can't believe we've been missing out on all of this fun!  Every time we are with the YSA, we are laughing, cheering, celebrating, loving it!  These kids are seriously amazing!  What a gift to have them in our lives and for our own teens to enjoy their company!

Here's a few pix from the evening...

This is Kyle, who played one of my all-time favorite songs by Collin Raye, "In this Life".
The kids were loving it!

 My camera was misbehaving but I love this anyway!  A few pix later, I realized that it was me, not the camera.  Wrong setting!

Andrea was A.MAZ.ING!  A classical performance of Fiddler on the Roof.  WOW!

Grace loves telling everyone that she's almost seventeen.

Bye, bye, Miss American Pie!  I'm sure that the neighbors of the park were inside their homes singing, as well.

"Radioactive" by Taylor.  When I said to one of the guys, "That's Radioactive!", he responded, "Well, Sister Corbridge, aren't you all hip and cool!"

I love that they are all open to having their pictures taken.  One good thing about selfies... few people are camera-shy anymore.

and my personal favorite... Brother and Sister C!  Not the photo, but the fact that we are Brother and Sister C and that we get to do this together!
In other news... 
Doug called this morning at his break time to tell me that all in all, over forty people were layed off at his job this past weekend.  Again, we are ever so thankful that he still has a job.  He was very sad, though, to tell me of a few others who were gone.  They continued to lay off over the entire weekend, so no one really knew what the final "damages" would be until today.  Doug is heartbroken for some of the people that he's worked with for years and years to no longer be with the company.  He said that everyone's really feeling it today.  Again, I'm sooooooo thankful that he's still employed!
Grace was asked to Homecoming Dance last week and had to decline because she's working.  I was glad that she was asked.  She was glad that she was asked but she also was, I'm thinking, a little relieved, because she's a bit nervous about the whole thing.  Quayd has no desire to go.  Boys!  I'm hoping that he'll get excited about a prom date before spring.  We'll see.
Late last night, I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with Carol and Madi.  Cute music.  Not as clean as the first one was.  I don't see us owning the movies in our library, but the music is really fun!  Total teenage chic flick.
I've been working on my own bucket list.  There's some things that I want to do...around the house, for friends, places I want to go and see, personal things I want to accomplish.  I've been giving it lots of thought lately and am now getting started on a few of the things on the list.  Time will tell, but it's great to have some goals and things to think about and actually do!  A friend teased that I'm going through something right now and they were right!  I am!  And it's a good thing!
Life is good!!!

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