Thursday, September 17, 2015

homecoming parade, soup day

Yesterday, it snowed in the mountains! SOUP DAY!  I made a tasty chicken-veggie-rice soup and the kids were all as happy as could be to see it cooking on the stovetop.  HOWEVER, due to the busy schedule that we had last night, it was almost nine before anyone ate any!  We grabbed burgers on the run between getting Quayd to work and Grace to the school early enough to get on the Bella Voce  Homecoming parade float!  

It had poured rain all day long.  We had prayed early in the morning that the weather would be cooperative for the parade and events to take place.  I had to laugh a bit about Grace.  She came home and quickly put on her Bella Voce t-shirt and jeans for the parade.  I said, "You're going to freeze!  Why don't you wear a cute warm shirt underneath your t-shirt?"  She gave me the "Mom, you're such a dork look" but, tactfully, said, "That's not very fashionable though."  I thought to myself, but didn't say, "Well, be cold and fashionable then.  It's your natural consequence."  A few minutes later, she came upstairs wearing her cute black sweater underneath the t-shirt, looking like a million bucks, as always, even with rained on hair.  When we got to the school, I hopped out with her and Zee just to make sure of details.  The first thing her friends said was, "Grace!  That's so smart to wear your shirt under your t-shirt!  You look so cute!!!"  Hee-hee-hee.  Yagottaluvit.

Grace loved riding the float but this morning commented that her legs were sore from standing and balancing on the float while it was driving the parade route.  They sounded great though!  OH, by the way, it's pronounced "Bella Vo-chay".  (I've been asked and keep forgetting to mention that.)

 The back of the float... Those are bubbles.  There was some significance but I never did figure out what it was.  ???

We were at the very beginning of the parade, with plans to just watch Grace go by and then drive on to the high school where it ended and be waiting for them there.  HOWEVER, ZJ and Doug wanted to watch more, so we drove to almost the end and stood there to watch the entire parade.  SO, we got to see Grace twice.  We laughed so hard when our friend, Kelly Hoth and his wife passed us the second time, a mile later, as they were driving their truck and pulling one of the floats.  Kelly did a double take and we all busted out laughing.

Grace was literally all smiles!  She LOVES Bella Voce!  Being a part of this singing/performing group has been one of the highlights of her life so far!

Could she look any happier?  I love this girl sooooooo much!

OH!  I didn't finish my thought... we'd prayed for cooperative weather.  It poured all day long.  At about 4PM, the skies opened and were just as blue as could be directly over the parade!  There were rainbows in the sky.  It was beautiful! Prayers answered!  LOTS of them.  Zeej said that a boy in her class asked the teacher to be excused.  She asked why and he said, "So that I can pray for good weather."  The teachers said he could wait till after class, but he said, "No, I need to pray now!"  So, she let him go and Zeej said that a few minutes later, they looked out the class window and the boy was outside on his knees, literally, praying.  He's a character and he was being funny, but someone's prayers worked!   Look at the mountains!  I want to start humming, "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"  Wait!  I already am!

In other news...
The other night, everyone was in bed.  Carol had come over to hottub late.  I came inside and got ready for bed and sat down to unwind for a minute, once I had my nightgown on.  I leaned back in the LazyBoy and felt something scratchy.  I reached around and couldn't feel it.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Finally, I went into the bathroom, took off my nightgown and found this fishing hook lodged into the collar label of my nightgown.  This nightgown was a gift from Liza when Aylabelle was born.  No one here fishes.  I was baffled.  When I showed Doug the next morning, he said, "Babe, we bought a fisherman's home.  This probably won't be the last time."  I'm trying to figure how, when and where.  Hello?  We carpeted, refloored and painted every single inch of this home and bought new furniture.  HOW did we miss a fishing hook and how did it end up in my nightgown!?!?!

Tomorrow, I have a purchased round trip plane ticket to Phoenix.  I was supposed to be flying to see Liza for eight days.  And then, on the afternoon after the ticket was purchased, Buddy and Liza called to ask if it was refundable because he got the job in St. George UTAH!  I'm loving that they are so close, but I'm very sad that today, I'm not going to spend the next eight days with my girls.  Soon, though!  Another trip is in the works now!  Can.not.wait!

Life is good!  So is snow in the mountains!

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