Thursday, September 10, 2015


a few...

  • Age of Adeline... a must see.  So sweet, slow moving, but a tender story.  We're loving it!  Buy or rent it today!
  • A quick trip to Taipan, the Layton mall, Target and Cracker Barrel for breakfast with Carol and Mary Ann.  Good times, although, I sat out in the car for the mall.  The foot can only do so much and I needed my foot for Taipan!  Not that we found much there, but it's always fun for inspiration.
  • I mentioned moving the table into my dressing nook off my bedroom and finally feel great because I have my own personal space again.  Tiny, but private and personal. (All I need is room for the desk and I have that!)   I'm busy getting to know my computer.  It feels like I finally have a new laptop, although I bought it six months ago... I've just not really used it much between Typepad problems and not liking it on my lap in the den. Now, to decorate my spakce! Here's what my office would look like, if I could pick a Pinterest page.  Simple, sweet.
  • or this:

  • desk:

    or this:

  • love it!:

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could just zap the pages off of Pinterest right into our homes!?  Oh well!  Use it up, wear it out. Make it do or Do without, Right?  We'll see what I end up with. No complaints here!  Happiness...I have my own office space again! 
  • Cache Valley Fall has arrived.  The leaves were changing through the canyon this morning.  It was chilly.  Then, in the afternoon, you bake because you dressed for morning weather.  Early morning and late night hottubbing are the best!  LOVE IT!!!
  • Read any good books lately?
  • I have been asked a few times recently what's happening with Kelly.  I have not heard from Kelly since January 6th.  I speak/facetime with Liza every single day and talk with Dale on occasion, this morning being one of those.  It's not quite what I thought would happen when my kids were grown.  But, it is what it is.  I'm not sure what's happening with Kelly.  We've heard through the grapevine that she was back with her husband, then that he was back with his girlfriend, then that they were back together again, then that they wanted nothing to do with each other.  Who knows?  Doug did stop by her home a few weeks ago.  A guy answered the door and Doug told him that he was Kelly's dad, to tell her that we love her and miss her.  We've not heard a word.  So, I guess she doesn't want us in her life at this time. We have also heard that she's still passing drug tests and kept the same job for two years now... So, why she doesn't want the connection, we don't understand.  We have our guesses, but...  Sadness, for her, mostly.  She's missing out on a great family.  ;)  (She says humbly.)  It's heartbreaking, but it is what it is.  We pray for her every day.  Enough said about that.
  • And on a serious note, I was visiting with a friend about life recently.  I found this quote and it really does express exactly how I feel.  We are so blessed...regardless of our challenges, large or small!  Even the big challenges in life are smaller, when we can look at life this way...
Occasionally, I hear people say, "I am living righteously, but things are not working out for me.   I am losing patience, and I wonder, "Where are all the blessings?"

To any of you who feel this way, I would encourage you to change your perspective.  We are eternal spirits!  We must live our lives with the end in mind - not the middle.  We must trust in the Lord.  We must understand that some will be tested more than others.  We should remember that no blessing will be denied if we continue to keep the commandments. 

Turn to the plan of salvation - it can answer all of your questions.  Take the sacrament each week.  It will help regain spiritual strength.  Trust in the Lord and understand that all blessings will come at the right time.  M. Russell Ballard

Isn't that beautiful!  LOVE IT!!! LIFE IS GOOD!

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