Thursday, August 4, 2016

catching up

It's been a week of projects and then when I'm done each day, I think, I haven't done anything so there's nothing to blog about.

Ten years ago, before I quit scrapbooking and teaching the classes, I had taken out some of my favorite layouts and used them for teaching journaling.  I put them into two separate albums so that I didn't have to travel with 38 of them... literally, not Doug's 38.  All thse years later, it's about time that I reorganizine my albums.  All thirty-eight of them.  And so, that's what's I've been working on all week long.  My dining room table has had stacks of layouts and papers and albums.  I'm down to the last ten and it's been a process.  I'm so over this project!  I just want to be done!  But, it's been so much fun to revisit my entire 40 years together with Doug.

Seriously, I've looked through every photo we own and read so many journaled pages.  What a wonderful life I have been blessed with!  It's been a gift, although a tedious project, to enjoy so many wonderful memories all over again!

In other news, I've been preparing for my YW lesson next week.  Youth Conference is this weekend and I have a few things to do with it.  Doug's been working hard and lots of hours.  It's been kind of unnerving.  He's working using a chemical that says toxic and causes organ, nerve and all sorts of other damage if exposed to for long periods.  A month is a long period in my mind.  I've been pretty concerned about that.  The man lives his life to be healthy and then has to work in this nasty stuff.  I no likee that!

This week's letter from Quayd wasn't a letter.  It was more like a text conversation.  Lots of one sentence emails back and forth.  We both had lots of questions and answers for each other.  He's flying to California on Tuesday morning.  My heart!  I can't believe it's four days away.  He's very excited.  He loves the MTC and his district.  He loves his teachers.  He loves the experiences.  He said that he hasn't lost anything yet, but he did break a hanger.  That made me laugh out loud because Quayd can't touch a hanger without breaking it.  I buy a couple of packs of hangers every month because of Quayd!  I asked him if the MTC has been better or worse than he expected.  We'd told him that it's like Boot Camp, hard work, serious stuff, in hopes that any anticipation he had would be better than what we'd prepared him for.  His answer was "A little of both.  It's been awesome and Yes, I'm soooo excited for California!"

I've been saying to Doug, "One more week til August and it always cools off on the first of August."  True to form, this morning, it was cool.  I even turned off the fan.  We love to sleep with the canyon breeze at night and I only turn the AC on in the afternoon.  Last week, it was hot!  Hot enough to make me turn it on most of the days.  This week, it's not been on at all.  And it's plenty cool inside.  It was my happy moment when I opened my mail this morning and received an email from Bath and Body Works for their new FALL scents!  It doesn't take much to excite me, I know.

It's Bunco night!  I'm so happy!  New fall scents, letters from Quayd and Bunco!  Thursday has been a good day so far!

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