Friday, August 12, 2016

mission, mission, mission

Last Friday, I mailed a "Greenie Package" to Quayd with all things Green!  It was supposed to arrive on Monday and be there waiting for him in CA when he got there.  I won't know about his reaction until we hear from him next week.  Somewhere along the line, I heard that his P-day is Monday.  I will be loving Mondays for the duration!

On Wednesday, I received these photos of Elder Corbridge and his new companion!  I can't read his name, but they both look happy, so I'm happy!  And Sister Dixon wrote a note letting us know that P-Day is Monday, so we will hear from him then, but he's safe, rested and well prepared!  HAPPINESS!

Quayd is 6'1", so President Dixon is VERY tall!  And Sister Dixon is very petite!

And I emailed back and forth with Sister Dixon about Quayd's glasses.  When he got his mission call, included in the packet was a caution about bringing contact lenses on their mission.  He has never complained about leaving home for two years, about wearing a shirt and tie every day for two years, about not watching tv or movies or listening to music for two years. The ONLY thing that he has complained about was having to wear glasses. He HATES glasses.  We went and bought him new ones.  Any glasses he wanted.  He got them and HATED them.  It's been a battle.  Sister Dixon said, "Send him contacts!  It will be a great surprise!"  They are on their way!  He will be thrilled!  I think I'm as happy as he will be about them!

I'm going to start a blog for Quayd's mission which is why I've not been blogging here.  It's taking some time to get it caught up, but I'll open it up in a few days to the public.

I've had this entry sitting here since Wednesday night and not hit publish.  School begins in two weeks and summer is winding down.  Life will probably not slow down then... the YSA picks back up, the girls have so many activities.  I'm just, as Doug says, "Doing the best I can."

Life is good!  So is being a missionary mom!

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