Thursday, August 18, 2016

grammie time!

I'm so happy to say that I'm in St. George!  Wait, I'm so happy to say that I'm with Liza and Aylabelle!  The St. George part... not so much!  I'm not a fan of heat!  And it's over 100 degrees outside.  It's hotter than hot and even the AC isn't cool enough for me.  I was quite enjoying my crisp morning air and evening walks in Logan that made me feel like fall was fast approaching.  Here, it's the middle of summer and the word cool only applies to the fact that I am a "cool" grammie! 

But, I am SOOOOOOO happy to be able to see my girls!  Last night, Buddy took us all out for dinner and frozen yogurts. We had a fun evening just gabbing after Aylabelle went to sleep.  Denise had to go and see her sweet little Rosie, who is now up to 6 pounds and is almost four months old.  The doctors still insist that she should remain in the NICU in Las Vegas for a little longer, so Grandma Nisey needed to make this trip and she needed my company along for the ride!  And so I'm here!  With Liza and her growing little family!

Aylabelle keeps telling me that Mommy has a baby in her tummy.  And we know now that it's Aylabelle is correct in announcing that she's having a baby sister!  HAPPINESS!!!!  I'm so excited!

This morning, we went out for lunch with my mother.  We won't see her again this trip because it's a short one, but we were able to have lunch.  Mom's doing well and looks good.  Just ask her!  (Wink-wink)  It was a nice visit.

Aylabelle is now napping and I'm reading while Liza does her thing for an hour.  Well, I'm going to be reading... first I wanted to share our morning little "Selfies" and a few other pix....

 a few car selfies while Mommy was at the bank and then she joined us for one or two herself.

three muskateers

Right when I arrived... lots of big kisses and hugs from little Miss A, as promised!

And then, she immediately wanted me to play with her!  We played Legos, Princesses, had a tea party and painted with the new paints that Grammie brought her.

 And there was this guy... On the way down, we stopped for lunch in Cedar City.  Our server was too busy to get our Cokes in the beginning because she was too excited to get a photo of herself with this guy, who Denise explained to me is the polygamist reality TV show star from Sister Wives.  Never seen it.  Never plan to.  But, everyone else was sure excited about him.  Okey dokey then.
I'm feeling kind of guilty that I didn't take a pic of my mom this morning at lunch but I took a picture of some stranger who creeps me out.  Epic fail in the good daughter department.  Oops.

This afternoon, after naptime, it's pooltime!  I won't be complaining about St. George heat then, for certain!  Life is good!  So is being a Grammie!


  1. UGH! Cody is super creepy!!

    Trish C.

  2. I agree. Cody brown is a freak. And, those 4 women he's married to are dumb. Who in their right miND would want to share their man with another woman, let alone 3 others?

  3. We saw Elizabeth Warren, the democrat senator from N.H. when we were in Canada. No pic...I feel about her like you do the creep!