Thursday, August 4, 2016

Letter #2... well, kind of...

Yesterday morning, I was almost in tears when noon came and went and I'd not heard from Quayd yet.  But, at about 3, he started typing away.  We did a little question and answer emailing for 45 minutes, then he left and returned and we did it again for another hour.  It was lovely because I have so many questions!  So, he didn't write a real letter this week, just our conversation.  I cut and pasted it all together into one letter.  Obviously, I leave out the family comments and personal issues, but here's a lot of his thoughts.  You can tell that he was answering some of our questions.  Thankfully, Doug was able to be home later in the day, so he was able to participate too!  The wait for that few extra hours was definitely worth it!  Quayd leaves for California on Tuesday!  I just sent his last care package to the MTC this morning.  He'll be receiving his first, a "Greenie" package when he arrives in California on Tuesday.  

Life is awesome! There’s been times where I don’t think I can do it and it’s frustrating to think that.  The adversary works hard!!!!! I think it’s because I don’t know how to ask inspired questions.

Life at the mtc… well, so far, it’s been weird thinking that I only have four more days left and leaving my brothers in the district. Monday was a horrible day.  Our older brothers, Elder Fata, Richins, Mullins and Child, along with Forth have left the MTC and are on their way to serve their mission in Australia.  Forth gave me a tiny wooden elephant.  It was a sad.  But, with sadness comes happiness.  I’m starting to be really good friends with our other district,  like Anderson, Kineski, Humpreys, Nelson and Johnson.  

Anderson’s very funny and loves acting.  In the hallways, we sing Les Miserables and I’ve taught them how to throat sing.

So, now there is just a loud sacrifice theme going on in the halls and the newcomers faces are precious.  My companion is awesome.  At times, though, he can get a little out of hand, like constantly telling me what to do.  I hope my trainer isn’t like that!  Haha.  I love my teachers, Brother Van Bloom and Tittle.  Tittle, however, I might not see again.  He’s in some lake.  

The MTC is great.  Yeah, in class, we do alot of role plays and I kinda suck at them.  I think the best roll play was being ___.  It brought tears into my eyes.  I almost cried playing him as an investigator.  I hope he finds his way back. 

The best thing I’ve learned… man, its hard to tell really.  During TRC, I try so hard to pay attention to the investigator and be kind to everyone during our discussion.  I feel like listening is key.  My companion is not a good listener,  however, he bears his testimony on everything.  But, I think listening and not teaching lessons, but people are important.  I’ve learned more about prayer and how important it is.
Yeah, I’m trying.  It’s hard though and frustrating, but, you’ve got to love him.  I’m going to miss Brother Tittle big time.  He is definitely a great teacher.

I can’t believe there are four more days left.  It’s hard to believe.  I don’t know if I shared before but when I first met my family, I had seen them before.  Every single one of them!  It’s weird to think that, but, it’s so true.  And I have met my teachers before.  I don’t know where, but I have met them.  Now, we are literally committing to go to each other’s weddings and family gatherings.  That’s how close we are.

Almost everyone has kissed a girl except for two boys  -  that’s Elder Poulter from Blackfoot, Idaho and Corbridge or myself.  Funny.  I told him my reason for not kissing and that’s exactly what he did, except it was $1000! Yikes!  That’s a lot!  And the boys in my district constantly start whining about their girls and writing them.  

Anyway, the food is getting a little better and I am getting a little fatter.  Yikes!  I need to work out.  Ball keeps me in shape though.  haha 

Oh, interesting… almost everyone going Redlands has contacts, so, I’m not happy that they disobeyed, even though it was a word of precaution.  I’ve had a little speech here and there, which is not really fun, but, hey, that’s the MTC.

Sorry, I’m slow at typing.  Hangers! Haha! Yeah, when i got to the MTC, I had no hangers, so, I literally hung them on the door knob or the railing in my closet.   haha But, Forth left some.  So, I have some now.

Sorry I haven’t written a letter, I’ve just been so busy.  I hope I can continue to be strong because it is hard but I know there are blessings that come with it. Oh, I don’t talk much in class, but the other day, we were talking about faith and obedience and I had a prompting to share a little story about Elder Lawrence Corbridge and his experience. I think they liked that.  

Well, I love you too I miss you and Dad and somehow, I kinda miss the girls but just a little. haha I love you guys.  I’ll be writing you soon.  I love you.  I miss you so much!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

Elder Corbridge.

And he did write Doug privately, which was so sweet. My favorite part was the beginning, "Dear Father".  Also, the story about Lawrence Corbridge is a story about Doug's grandfather who served his mission in England and the miracle he experienced.  Quayd's doing well.  We are so happy for him.  He's learning life lessons, figuring things out on his own.  It's a beautiful thing to witness.

Life is good!

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