Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Elder Q's second letter from California!

Hey, its me.
So, my week has been good so far.  It’s been awesome.  I love my companion Elder Villegas .  He is so funny and happy and we have something in common – acting!

It’s been awesome this week!  I got yelled at for the first time :^)   Funny story… we were meeting two investigators.  We came to the house.  Usually Joseph is outside, but, he wasn't.  Instead, there was this tall, 80 year old man, who was smoking his life away.  You could tell because you could see literally his skeleton. He told us he wasn't interested.  We told him that's okay and made it to the door.  He kept yelling at us that he wasn't interested.  We told him great, but, we know two people who are.  We asked him if he knew Paul.  He answered and went and got him.  Thirty seconds later, a man with fury in his eyes came out along with Smokey Dude. 

At first, I didn't recognize the man.  Turns out, he was the owner and we met him a couple days ago… super friendly.  So, I was confused because he was angry.  We asked him if Joseph was there.  He told us that he was busy… something with a doctor appointment… then, he slammed the door on us.  Smokey Dude kept staring at us.  As we wondered what to do, the owner came back, “Who do you want now?!”  We answered, “Paul.”  He yelled at us and told us, Get off the property! Wait!  What religion are you?!” We told him and then I thought he was going to explode his stiff neck towards us!  It was frightening!  I didn't know what to do, but, he started cussing and swearing at us, at our religion and also towards Jesus Christ, then started yelling at Paul to “Get his butt over here!”
Paul came. We talked to him for a minute, then, the owner told us to leave his property.  We left and went to the corner where we were planning for a backup.  Then, I heard the man again, yelling four houses away, saying that he was a Muslim and that he didn't need Jesus Christ.  Funny thing was we weren't planning on talking to him.  I looked back at the man and shook my head, just because of this stupid situation!  It was so funny, but I was also hurt.  He yelled back, “Don’t shake your head at me!”  

I turned around looked back and he was yelling to stay of his property.  I looked at him again and he was walking towards us, trying to drive us out of the neighborhood.  Elder Villegas and I left.  I told the man to have a nice day, but, the words that man spoke to us haunted me.  I started to doubt.  It was on my mind all day and I wondered where was my strength that god promised, that priesthood power to bind those men's tongues and speak by the power of God, by the power of the Holy Ghost and shake those men's minds until they could  see my Gather and His mighty power.   I don't know, but I was really doubting my faith, but we met this one women who wanted the gospel!  We are teaching her now.  All I can say is I love this work, I love the people, the area, the friends I have made, along with my companion!  The mission is the life and I will survive with all my strength and might!

It took 8 days to get your mail and thank you for the letter! I did get my bike and it is legit! I love it! That’s so cool.  Wow, Lexi’s back already!  I'm so happy for Brett and his son!  That's so cool!  Great picture of ZJ and Brett, by the way.  WAIT!  Did ZJ get her braces off?!  Tell Brett that I haven't lost my retainers yet, but the bottom one is broken.  Yikes! I heard the news about Liza.  I’m so happy for her!  How’s dad and the girls? 

I love you guys.  Thank you again for everything you do.  And your prayers, in a sense, I think that’s what’s keeping my head up while I’m in the service of God, our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I love you all so much!

Elder Corbridge 

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