Monday, August 15, 2016

I still have two daughters at home...

The girls have been quite patient as all of the focus has been on Quayd this past four months.  Grace is about to begin her senior year and ZJ is about to start her sophomore year... and it's time to start focusing on their excitement too!

ZJ is full swing into the football season as a team manager.  She's at the practices, keeping track of equipment, serving waters to the boys and keeping the stats on the box.  It's an interesting choice of school activities, but it's keeping her involved.  I don't love it, but I love that she's having fun and involved.  For the most part, she says that there is only one boy who is rude and sadly, we know his family.  That's the worst part!  I think that if he we not a friend's son, I'd be telling him to get his nose out of the air!  She's also working lots of hours at her new job.  In between, she's at the mall or with friends or in the hot tub.  She's a busy and happy girl!

Grace is working, not as many hours, because she's involved already with Bella.  She's at a retreat right now and getting ready to start school next week.  It's crazy how busy these girls are!  Grace has a friend, who graduated last year, and they spend every spare moment together.  I can't believe she's at this point in life already!!!

For our YW activity last week, we took a tour of the BlueBird Chocolate Factory.  The other YW counselor dips chocolates there.  It was fun and tasty!  We learned a lot!  Doug's parents' wedding reception was at the Bluebird in the 1950s.  The Restaurant and Chocolate Company were started in 1914, but separately sold after the original owners died, in the 1960s.  Today, it's ironic, but the BlueBird Restaurant sells chocolates from another company.  The Chocolate Factory remains and we learned it's one of eleven chocolate companies remaining in the US that actually does hand dipped chocolates and hand wrapped packaging and has not become automated.  It was so fun.  When we walked into one room where the chocolate is cooled, Grace immediately said, "Look Mom!  It's like on I Love Lucy!"  And it was!  A fun day and lots of tasty samples!

Could Ann be any cuter!  She's a riot!  I think that she's the cherry on top of my YW calling!

I love Lucy!

Ann wants me to come and work with her through the holidays.  All the chocolate you can eat... just what I need... said me NEVER!

Ann brings me chocolates often and last night, she surprised me with some freshly made chocolate covered cherries that were huuuuuuge!  Is this not beautiful!!  Even after being in my purse, they are still pretty! 

In other news, I'm so ready to decorate for fall, I could scream!  The cool mornings and evening are divine!  I'm ready for pumpkin everything!  Once the girls go back to school, I'm at it! (that sounds so strange... from the babes to the kids to the girls.  Hmmmm....)

I've found a fun chair for my bedroom that looks more like my style than the one I had.  I've gotten into buying and selling a few things online.  Doug says that I can buy whatever I want to as long as something goes to make room for it.  That makes sense. So, I've been playing with the same little bit of money, buying something, selling something else, buying something in it's place.  It's actually kind of a fun "game".  I have a friend who makes good money at it.  I have no intent of turning it into a business, but if I see something I would love to have, it's nice to look around and say, "What's going so that it can come!?"

If I don't hit publish, it will be another day.  The girls are gone.  Doug is gone. I've got things I can be doing!  Life is good!

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