Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Elder C has arrived in CA!

What a wonderful day!  It was so exciting to sit by the phone and watch the clock yesterday morning, in hopes that Elder Corbridge would call!  And he did!  His plane was supposed to leave at 8:55.  He'd been up since 3AM packing then taking a bus to the SLC Airport from the MTC in Provo.    He had purchased a phone card and called from a payphone in the airport, where we were able to talk for about fifteen minutes before he boarded the plane.  

I'd been so concerned about the Delta flights because of all the computer problems the day before.  Delta's website said that only 357 flights would be cancelled.  I was praying that Quayd's was not one of them and thankfully, as I updated their webpage and received their emails, the flight was only twenty minutes late leaving and landed on time!  HAPPINESS!  When I received the email that the flight had landed, I was one happy mamma!

The missionaries were picked up and delivered to the Mission Home for lunch, trained all afternoon, had dinner and also visited the Redlands Temple with President and Sister Dixon.  There were 29 new missionaries arriving and this was the Dixon's first arrival since they only began serving as Mission President and wife on July 1.  They have been anticipating this big day as much as we have!

There was, what looked to be, a fantastic meal served, based on the photos I received late last night.  The photo taken at the temple was awesome.  Quayd was in the back behind others in the airport arrival photo and all I could see was the top of his head. I knew it was the top of his head because every other face was in full view.  I wondered if he was moving when it was taken.  But, the temple photo shows our boy!  He's on the let side of the back row, smiling his big grin! So happy!

When this photo arrived, I was certain that they were just horsing around because there are smiles on a few of the nodding faces.  Liza said, "Maybe missionaries sleep with a smile?"  I'm not sure but I think that Liza is almost as happy as Doug and I are to see Quayd being a missionary!  Anyway, from the photos, the mission home is lovely.  The food looked great.  President and Sister Dixon obviously are thrilled to be there and to welcome this awesome group of Elders.

Our phone visit was short and sweet, but Quayd shared some of the highlights of the MTC.  When I asked if he was afraid, he said, "Not really."  When I told him how happy were are for him and how pleased we are, he said, "Mom, I still have so much to learn."  He's humble.  This is good.  I'd much rather hear that than him being cocky that he's "got this".  He is growing already and it's a beautiful thing.

He asked to speak to the girls for just a second.  Literally, they said hello and I love you.   When we hung up, the girls and I just had a group hug and cried together.  It was happy tears but the girls admit to missing him and the fact that he asked to talk to them, I know that he's missing them.  They all said that they wouldn't miss each other because they won't be arguing over the bathroom any more.  BUT.  I teased and warned them that the bathroom would be the last thing that they were concerned about when he left.  It's going to be interesting to watch their love grow because we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Deep sigh!

The girls and I are doing some deep cleaning.  They are doing their end of summer dejunking and I just did a little in my own too. It's feeling more like fall every day.  Still very warm in the afternoons, but for the most part, we have a nice breeze blowing through the house morning and night and it's just lovely.  Doug and I walked around the block tonight and couldn't believe how lovely it was! I love this time of the year and fall is my very favorite color!

Life is good!  So is Quayd!

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