Thursday, August 25, 2016

back to school reports

Grace came in pretty unexcited about her first day.  She was more concerned about a Bella friend who's mother has just passed away from cancer.  The funeral is this morning and the girls are all going to attend, rather than school.  It was literally as we gathered for family prayer at bedtime before she was ready to talk about her day.  Then, she had stories to tell of who's in which class and which teachers she is going to love and not.  She's excited to be a senior.

Zee came in from school as talkative as could be.  She was feeling pretty overwhelmed by her schedule, which I have to agree is overload for a sophomore.  She has this AP history class that looked hard for me!  Her teachers are all real drivers, except for one, who happened to be our neighbor just three doors down in Smithfield.  She thinks she's going to like his class. I told her that she always has the option of changing.  She's taking German, but with Lasse gone, I don't see a need for it.  I'd prefer spanish because it's almost needed in America today.  She opted, this morning, to give this schedule a few days before making any decisions.  We'll see how that goes.  Zee worked last night, so we didn't have much time to visit until bedtime either.  Then, both girls were chatty.

One big difference that we've noticed since Quayd left is that we are all going to bed much earlier.  Quayd is a night person, like me.  Bedtime meant nothing for him, except that it was time to go to his room. He'd stay up late everynight and Quayd is not a quiet person.  Not at all.  So, we have been getting to bed and actually getting to sleep since he's gone.  

Since I'm on the topic, the other biggest difference that we have felt with Quayd gone is that we are not going through one gallon of milk a week now.  Quayd went through a gallon a day!  Our food bill has definitely dropped.  Instead of making two pans of anything (one for Quayd and the other one for us and Quayd), I'm making half the amount of everything and we have plenty of leftovers still. 

It's amazing to me how tangibly different things are.  On Sunday, we attended our favorite niece Lexi's Missionary Homecoming.  As we walked into the chapel, I was looking for seats.  I found an empty row, but as we got closer, I realized that it was only four seats, so I continued to take a step past.  Then, I realized, we only need four seats.  Tears filled my eyes.  Doug gave me a hug. 

It's been fun to hear and see tidbits of his mission experience from members in California and from his leaders.  Last night, I was scrolling through FB and found this little gem, which shocked me!  So happy to see our boy! For some reason, every photograph that I've received has been blurry though.  There was another posted yesterday of a group of missionaries on top of a mountain on their P-Day.  I think it was Quayd, but I'm not sure.  It's almost like dangling a carrot in front of my nose.  But, I'm happy for anything that arrives!

Could that smile be any brighter!?

I was able to spend most of the day going over our budget and thinking ahead to the holidays, then did a little redecorating. I like to move something every day just to keep things fresh and fun.  Zeej is amazing because she never misses walking into a room and instantly noticing, "You moved that there!  I like it!"
 I'm going to completely empty the dishroom and start over, reorganizing it since the bedrooms have all already been dejunked for fall.  I also want to dejunk the laundry room and pantry, then get a little painting done, when Zeej is around to help.  By the way, it was cool enough yesterday that I almost put on a pair of socks!  Fall is just around the corner.  Please pass holiday decorating now!  

I can't remember if I've recorded this or not, but I've found a new little trading/selling. I have a friend who's doing this and making good money at it.  She loves it! I started out with $50 and have sold things and bought things and am staying ahead of the game. I'm not doing it to make a ton of money.  I'm doing it if I find something that I really like or want, I'll get it.  BUT... My one rule is that if I bring something in, I have to take something out.  So, if I buy something, I sell something.  I don't need more stuff, but it's fun to have different stuff.

  I found this great chair and ottoman for a song and sold my original chair and ottoman for more than I paid years ago!   Happiness! This looks much better in our room and is a thousand times more comfy!  Zulu thinks it's his!  I sold everything in Quayd's room.  Everything!  Bed, curtains, sheets and bedding, lamp.  Everything!  That cash will buy a new queen size bed for his room.  This is really kind of fun! I've also found a wonderful hutch to store my crafty things in and am quite pleased with that, but I'm creating a new craft area for it and that's still under construction.  Doug's tolerating my little hobby.  It gives me something to do and he doesn't mind the occasional hauling of  furniture that much.  Although, it was much easier with Quayd's strong back and helping hands!

Liza said that she has not been reading my blog because I don't blog enough.  I guess that's something I need to be doing this fall too.

I committed to Doug to wait until at least next week to put out the fall decor.  He knows that once it's out, my brain is in full holiday mode.  It's truly my favorite time of year! As Denise and I drove through the canyon to and from St. George last week, we noticed that the leaves are already starting to turn.  It's cool enough in the house that this morning, I thought about making soup.  I'm not that ready for fall!  Soup Day is the day we turn the furnace on and I'm so not ready for that yet!  Just the nice cool, brisk mornings and evenings and the colors turning and the scents of pumpkin everything with cinnamon and spice.  I'm smiling at the thought of it.

Life is good!  Live joyfully!

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