Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The BIG day!

From what I understand, Quayd is arriving at the airport right this moment.  Today, he is flying to California!  We are so excited for him.  It's killing me to not be at the airport. I've had several friends say, "Why don't you just go down and give him a hug before he leaves?"  But, I feel that it would be wrong for me to encourage him so strongly to keep all of the mission rules when I can't keep one myself.  So, I'll sit here and hope and pray that he calls from the airport.  That is allowed.  And then, he won't be able to call again until Christmas Day.  (If you thought I got excited about Christmas before, just wait until this year!)

I'm just praying that he has a safe and non-eventful flight.  With all of the drama and the airlines, I'm praying that he doesn't just sit at the airport today for hours.  Especially if I could have gone to see him and passed the time together.  We heard of a boy who is actually somehow related to Buddy, serving in the same mission as Quayd, who arrived in his first area, as he stepped off the local bus, with everything he owned in two pieces of luggage.  The boy turned around, after being greeted by his new companion, and someone had walked away with both of his pieces of luggage.  EVERYTHING he owned, stolen on the first day of his mission.  I'm praying more this morning that Quayd's things arrive safely than anything.  He's traveling with 28 other missionaries to California, so I'm sure that they will all arrive safely... it's just their belongings.  After all, these are still just 18 year old boys! 

But, Quayd is so excited!  He send a very short email yesterday letting me know how much money he needed today.  I got the money request and two sentences, "I sure love you.  Gotta go!"  He's pretty fired up!  We should get an email from him in the next day or so, letting us know that he arrived and his mission president will send us a photo of him with he and his wife tonight or tomorrow.  Lots of prayers are being said for Elder Corbridge!

In other news...

I've not spent a lot of time online this week.  I hit my head, getting into Denise's car twelve days ago and have had a pinched nerve in my neck.  I've had two massages and lots of ibuprofen.  I can barely turn my neck either direction and looking down is the worst.   I hit my head pretty hard... hard enough to see stars and get light-headed, so it may take a bit to get back into place. 

Our beautiful valley has been smoke-filled with forest fires on all sides of us this past two weeks.  It's made for some pretty incredible sunsets, but lots of burning eyes and allergies for so many people.  It's hard at this time of the year because of the fires.  And frightening for those living near the mountains.  I was just reviewing old scrapbooks and have photos of the mountain just next to our home burning the year that Quayd was a baby.  It's spectacular to watch but devastating. 
Liza and Buddy were in town this past weekend for his great-grandmother's 100th birthday.  They stopped by long enough to pick up a cot and spent exactly 12 minutes with us.  It was long enough for a potty break and Gramp to push Aylabelle on her swing for two minutes.  That was hard but we had so much going on all weekend that it all worked out fine.  It was the weekend of our ward Youth Conference and we had a lot going on anyway.

I was not able to float the river which made me very sad because it's one of the few things I can do where my foot does not matter!  The youth began their weekend of activities with a service project.  They cleaned up the yard of a widow in our ward.  Grace was pretty discreet with what she said but I heard later from one of the other leaders that this older woman just barked at Grace and picked on her to the point that the leader told me she would have left herself, if she'd have been Grace. 

Apparently the lady barked at her for not having clippers, for not knowing what she was doing, for "obviously never working in a garden before" and finally telling her "You're just useless, why don't you just go sit on the patio and watch."  Grace told me that part and said that she'd gone to sit on the patio, wanting to cry.  She said that a scripture came into her head, "When you are in the service of your fellowman, you are in the service of your God." She said that she was able to focus on the scripture and sing a hymn in her mind instead of crying. 

On Sunday, the woman wrote a group thank you for the youth that said, "Thank you to those of you who knew how to work."  Grace just looked at me, the leader looked at me and we all started laughing.  Who does that?!?!!?  I was just proud of Grace for remaining respectful and not letting it get to her.  She said, "Well, she just lost her husband.  Maybe she was just cranky that day."  Maybe I should tell the widow woman that she needs to take off her cranky pants and put on her gratitude panties next time someone comes to help you!  I won't, but I wanted to! 

Kelly has been touching base almost daily as she has traveled with a friend to Canada.  She called and said that she's there, then asked me to let her know if anything happens while she's gone.  That was odd.  But, she's trying to touch base, I guess?  Who knows.  It was unusual, but I'm happy that she seems to be doing well right now.

Carol and I took a little drive yesterday to Pepperidge Farms.  Here's what $10.32 buys at the Pepperidge store.  Yagottaluvit.

Depending on the girls work schedules, we may ride down to St. George with Denise next week for a couple of days.  She's not sure if she's going to see her baby in Vegas or not, but if she drives, she's asked me to keep her company.

This week, I'm nursing my neck and preparing for my Young Womens Lesson.  I've also been asked to be in charge of the food for the Stake YSA luncheon in September.  The food will be catered, so it's kind of a no-brainer... just be there to see that the committee serves it on time.  There is a decorating committee, so the food part will not be a huge task.  I was so excited to be involved!  We miss the constant involvement with the YSA since Doug's been called to serve on the High Council.  It's so different... much less involvement for the wives, that's for sure.  More for him, less for me.  Sadness.  I walk into that building and just feel at home with them all!!

And two more shots of the western sun shining on the eastern mountains.  What a gift to live in this beautiful place!

I have a list of fall projects that I'm looking forward to.  Painting, crafting, organizing.  Fall is definitely in the air.  The morning air is crisper already.  It's my favorite time of the year!  Life is good! 


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