Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quayd's First Letter from CA!

Here is Quayd's first letter from California!

Hey, Mom!  It was good!  Oh, don’t worry.  I got a haircut today, so, it’s not long anymore! I’m excited to tell you about my week so far.  

So, Monday was pretty sad.  Had to say good-bye to my good friends Elder Duncan and Lorenzen along with Iello, White, Heath, Taylor, then I had to say good-bye to Brother Van Bloom and Tittle.  Funny.  I didn’t cry as much saying good bye to my district, but, Brother Tittle - I cried my eyes out 3 times!  It was hard!  Then, we went to bed. Had a little party with the other district – Anderson, Stevenson, Morgan and Kinike and them, along with Johnson.  

Anyway, then I had to say good bye to them as well and then it was our turn.  We woke up 3:30  in the morning.

The companionship between me and Elder Hill is really good.  I was surprised by our other companions in our room… argument after argument.  It was crazy how many times those two argued.  I felt bad for the district leader and his companion… trying to take his job.  Amen to elder so and so’s priesthood!  I was actually glad that those two were separating.

Anyway, got on a train for the first time or in a long time.  I can’t remember if I ever rode one.  Then, we headed into the airport.  Remember what I said about those two companions?  Well, the one causing the problem left his companion in the airport, so he was stuck with us, which was okay.  We helped calm him down, then I talked to you.

I was so happy to hear from you and the girls and sad that I didn’t get the chance to talk to dad, but that’s okay. I’ll talk to him this Christmas.  Anyhow, I got on the plane and took a video of it leaving the airport and into the air.  Man!  Memories from my past - I totally forgot about the ear implosion thing going higher into the atmosphere! I definitely remember it hurting me because of my ear infection!  Our flight was from Salt Lake to Ontario, California.  It took about an hour twenty minutes or so.  

Anyway, we got off the plane, shook the hands of awesome elders and met with my mission president, President Dixon and his wife, a fun couple, I’ll tell you that!  I asked what I could do to help and, eventually, I ended up riding with them along with my companion, Elder Hill.  I saw a big car accident.  The traffic in California is so different!  There’s loud honking almost every single second.  It’s crazy but pretty cool!  Holy crap!  The mission home is luxurious!  Big and beautiful… my type of home, I’ll tell ya!

We rested, then we went to the members’ home, slept there and the next morning, we went to the church to meet our new companions.  I said goodbye to Elder Hill.  Surprising, I didn’t cry.  He kinda did.  Then, I met Elder Villegas.  He is Filipino.  He speaks Tagalog.  It’s a fun language!  At first, I was surprised that I had an Asian for a companion.  I wouldn’t trade companions!  He is awesome!  He is patient with me.  It’s been a great experience!

First day there, I got a bike to borrow and was off to work.  I met this family and taught them.  Then we went to Taco Bell and met a kid named Logan.  He’s going on a mission soon.   He’s a pretty funny boy.  You know, I don’t know how Taco Bell is going to survive without him.  After that, we biked around just getting use to the area and then we met another family and taught them about the gospel.  Surprisingly, we got the husband to pray for the first time.  I don’t know if it’s because I got here and shared a little experience from my life that was related for him.  All I can tell you is I’m glad to have the bad examples, so I can teach them the consequences.  I don’t know about the baptism thing yet, but, prayer is a start.  

Anyway, we came back home, studied and went to bed.

Next day, regular routine and it was awesome, but this time we met a lot of Filipinos and they spoke Tagalog... so, I had no idea what they were saying.  I said a couple things in English and my companion translated it to Tito Samson… great lesson, by the way, because he’s getting baptized on the 17th of next month and this was his first lesson! I don’t know if it’s just luck or seeing a big picture and working on the little parts, but I haven’t complained or whined or anything… well…maybe my acne and scar situation.  

Funny…first thing Elder Villegas asked was " What happened to your face?"   I didn’t like that but I explained it to him.  His response was " all I use is water!" Surprising ! haha   

Anyway,  then I had dinner with Brother Frisbee.  Awesome guy.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and I had never tried anything that Mexican, so, it was hard learning how to eat Mexicano. haha  We talked and Brother Frisbee shared what he did for a job – aerospace.  Pretty cool.  He said something that struck me …  “You have to have the big picture, then, you can work the little things.”  In my perspective, that means you have to have the gospel before you can teach people about the gospel.  You have to know where you are going and what your goal is before you can help others reach their goal.  I think that’s when i realized that I need to know more of these things for myself.  So, I’ve read more of the Book of Mormon, studied and have pondered it’s teachings and I’m glad I did!  It’s making more sense and I can teach it!  So far, I haven’t had the door slammed in my face and I’ve met some awesome people and wonderful friends who are striving to come to Jesus Christ. It’s only my fifth day and im loving every second of it!

Anyway, how’s life?  How are the girls?  What’s Dad been up to?  How’s Liza and Buddy and Aylabelle?  

Anyway,  I miss you.  I love you so much.  Thank you for being the most awesomest parents ever!  It means a lot.  I’m sorry for the crap I’ve pulled in the past.  Looking back, I don’t know where I’d be without you guys.  Love you so much. 

Elder Corbridge

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