Monday, June 20, 2016

weekend update

Friday morning, bright and early, I headed up Logan Canyon to pick Grace and the other Senior age girls from Camp Lomia.  I arrived just before the final devotional message and prayer.  As the girls ended their prayer, they stood and looked up to the balcony of the huge lodge for a group photo and they began singing the most beautiful song about "believing" in Christ and all that he does for us.  There were tears.  Uncontrollable tears... not the girls... me!  I was standing there, visiting with Carol's sister, Lee and couldn't stop crying.  She also shared with me that Grace had been a delight.

She mentioned that Grace had cried a few times herself.  She bore her testimony last night and Lee told me about the letters from the mothers that were written quite a while ago.  Lee said that they were all being distributed and she came across this bright red one in a fun homemade envelope... "Of course it's Graces from Sophia."  That made me feel good.  But, far more than that, was that Lee watched her as she read it and said that she'd been very touched by my message to her.  What a wonderful experience that our stake gives these sweet young girls to look to their futures with hope and goals of making wonderful choices in their future!

I brought the girls home, four of them from our ward, and they were just gabbing away about how much better LTC is than girls camp.  They loved it.  I enjoyed listening to them all, but could hardly wait to be alone with Grace and hear her feelings and thoughts.  We talked as we unloaded and the minute Zee heard Grace's voice, she was right there with us and the girls were talking 90 mph, filling each other in on all that they'd done.  They raced downstairs together because they "needed to talk".  Okey dokey then.  What a gift to have a sister to share everything with the way that they do! 

They didn't care a bit when I said that I was meeting Ann for lunch at Elements.  We had a delightful visit talking family and homes.  I think that one of my most favorite things about summer is eating outside on the patio beside the river at Elements!  And one of my favorite things is spending time with Ann!  So, this added up to a perfect afternoon!

I came home and went down to the dishroom to grab some paper for a little papercraft that I've been wanting to do.  As I walked through Quayd's room, I noticed that Quayd's room has gotten a bit messier each time he's slipped in for another shirt.  (I realized that the reason he's needing so many shirts is that their service is removing the fiberglass insulation from our new neighbor's home and he's ruining his long sleeve shirts.  (Not that he will need them in less than thirty days!)  I grabbed what I needed from the dishroom and asked the girls to join me in his room. We hung up the few shirts that he's left laying on his bed, put away his clean laundry, which ZJ had just set on the foot of his bed and picked up a few things that he's left around. While working on it, we got a "bright idea"!

Quayd and the missionaries have been asking consistently, "Why did Corbridge get the smallest bedroom?"  So, today, our "bright idea" involved making his room girly!  We removed all of his masculine black/red/grey bedding and changed his sheets. I had a leftover quilt that's pastel green and pink and a pink baby blanket.  Zee found a pink ribbon to tie back his grey curtains.  Grace found a few feminine pillows and a stuffed animal.  We remade the bed quickly, after cleaning his room.

 The Elders returned with Quayd's things.  He was visibly heartbroken to see his Mini-mission end.  All three of the Elders were!  You could see it!.  They came in carrying his things and you would have thought they'd never see each other again.  Literally... five minutes after they got here, they left together to teach a discussion. And he spent every spare moment with them all weekend, doing service, teaching and then going to their apartment until their curfew.  He can hardly wait to get on with things and to get to California!  I think that three weeks at the MTC will be killer for him because he's already being "Trained" and he's not one to enjoy sitting in classes all day long in the first place.  BUT, he loves teaching!  On Saturday evening, when they returned, he shared that they'd committed an investigator to baptism, which is scheduled for the day before Quayd's mission farewell!  He is thrilled for this man to join the church!

When they got downstairs, turned on his light and walked into his room, it was a hearty laughed, then, "MOMMMMMM!"  We laughed so hard!  The first thing he did was check under his bed to see if I'd cleaned everything.  Payback!  It was great.

On Saturday evening, we had a fun double-date with Dave and Trisha, our good friends from Smithfield.  We sat for almost three hours at Cafe Sabor visiting over dinner and not enough cokes.  Our server was too busy for refills, but we enjoyed our time together.  We can't spend enough time with them!  SUPER friends and WONDERFUL people, always filled with optimism and great life experiences.

It was Summerfest weekend, which used to be our favorite event of June.  However.  We've passed the last few years.  My foot no likee Summerfest like it used to.  The crowds, the standing, the walking... we came home from dinner and watched a movie with the kids.

Fathers Day in another post this week...

Sunday, it was a beautiful hot afternoon!  We attended my favorite niece, Samantha's mission farewell. She gave a fantastic talk!  When we arrived, we ran into a few boys from SVHS.  I asked them, "You're here for Sam?"  No.  They were here for Garrison.  TWO missionary farewells in the same meeting and it turned out that both Sam and Garrison were leaving this Wednesday for the same mission in Minnesota!

After the farewell, we went to Elk Ridge Park for a gathering with family.  There was a nice pavillion that we all were able to be in the shade because it was H-O-T!  It was the first time we have all been together as family since the holidays.  Good food, good company.

Doug took the day off on Monday.  We went to Salt Lake City to see a specialist about my foot.  Good news is it's not some dreaded disease.  Bad news is that it's nerve damage and I'm going to have to live with it.  Period.  This is the sixth doctor to tell me the same thing.  Some nerves never heal and almost four years later, this hasn't improved.  It's probably not going to.  Lucky me.  I get to live with a foot that feels like I've just hit my funny bone and then attached a hot iron to it most every minute of my life.  On the bright side, I stll have a foot. I can still walk and stand and do most things... I just get to do them with a chronic pain. But, I'm still alive!

Following my doctor appointment, Doug and I went to IKEA to grab a few things that are only available ever at IKEA.  I could spend hours and hours in this store.  We were there for less than 40 minutes.  There's a huuuuuuge RC Willey furniture store right next door.  That's when my foot pain makes me cranky...I was done about half way through IKEA.  So, we passed on RC Willey and headed north.  Doug had never been to IKEA.  As we drove there, he kept asking, "Is that it?"  No, Babe.  It's HUUUUUGE.   "Is that it?"   No, Babe.  Bigger.  He couldn't believe the size of the store!  And his favorite part, which we spend five of our short minutes there looking at... "They have cowhides!"  Where do they get these?!"  And then he gave me a little lesson on tanning cowhides and leather care.  So funny.  I just needed some chipclips and organizing things that I was out of and he got all happy about cowhides.  I love this man!

We had made plans earlier in the day to meet Wayne and Vicki.  Wayne and Doug were missionary companions 39 years ago at this time.  We met at Texas Roadhouse in Bountiful and oh, my, as always, we laugh so hard when we are together!  Our poor server!  She was adorable.  What a wonderful time together! Always, lots and lots of teasing.  Lots and lots of fun! We are truly blessed with amazing friends! 

By the time we came home last night, it was after 8.  We stopped and picked up a dozen Krispy Kremes for the kids, who'd been parentless all day long.  Quayd had spent the day with the Elders.  He came home long enough for a short family counsel and went back with the Elders until curfew again.  He's loving his missionary time.  I think that he's loving his time learning from this two great missionaries!  Sadly, Elder Taylor found out that he was being transferred to Malad ID.  We had to say goodbye to him, which breaks Quayd's heart.  So, now he's experienced, teaching, giving blessings, service, Zone Conference, dinner appointments, Prep Days and transfers.  He's so loving this.

It was a busy and happy weekend!  Quayd is literally 4 weeks away from leaving.  It's happening too fast!  MUCH too fast!  We have much to do to get him prepared and packed, and he's making every effort to be spriritually prepared.  It's fun to have gospel discussions with him, to see him studying and reading and mostly to spend this time sharing his testimony with others.  It comes very natural to him.  It's happening.  It's really happening.  He's done with his job at Lee's.  His next 29 days will be spent doing busy work, saying lots of goodbyes and with lots of mom hugs... if I can catch him in between his agenda!

Life is good!

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