Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was thrilled to see the family photos yesterday when I got home from lunch with Natalie!  It was a long week waiting for them and I totally expected that it would be another week or two because not only did Sheree have her daughter's wedding last week, she had a house full of company!  All of her kids and grands were home for the whole week!  So, I am double excited about them being here so quickly!

Here are my faves of the family!  Sheree did a beautiful job!

I have thought about this over and over.  After eighteen months of not hearing from Kelly, I was still hopeful, when we decided to do this, that she would, suddenly, reappear and be in the picture.  I didn't want her to reappear in the future and see herself missing from our the family photo. It's hard enough having Dale 1400 miles away from us, but she's right here in the valley.  So, I was more than excited to have her in this shot.  Regardless of her behavior, choices, whatever... she is and always be our daughter and we love her unconditionally.  We don't have to like what she does, but we will always love her!  I'm so happy to have five of the six of our children here!

These three kiddos.  My heart could not be any more full of love!

 Oh my gosh, I love this man!  He's my best friend, my lover, my hero.  He makes me laugh... even when he's not supposed to, like here in this pix.  This happens to be my favorite of the two of us because of that fact!

Us, being a bit more behaved.

 It tickled me that Sheree wanted to "practice" on Quayd... she needed no practice, but she sure has a big heart to go with her talent!  I loved the missionary pictures so much!

 This one... on the day that he's left for his "mini-mission" makes my heart happy!  All day long, I've been dying to hear how he's doing, if he's loving it, if he's having fun, if he got enough to eat.... just a taste of what's to come.  I adore this son of ours!

 Goosebumps!  42 days!

Love love love it!

 Carol and I were talking yesterday... it's like he's become a man since he hit "Submit" on that missionary application.

And then, there's this little beauty.  Those eyes.  Could she be any cuter!?

As Doug would say, "No brag, just fact."

 And this family!  I absolutely LOVE this picture!  And I absolutely adore this daughter of mine!

 Kelly had left already.  I believe this was just the last shot Sheree took, just because, after all the others were done and just before we were leaving. 

I'm so happy!   Can't wait to see them on our walls!  Life is good!  Even when you miss your son and wonder what he ate for dinner last night and if it was enough to fill him up and if he is loving life at the moment!


  1. Sophia - You have a beautiful family!

  2. I love all the pics but I really am drawn to the missionary ones with Quayd front and center and the others blurred in the distance. He will always have his family behind him all the way!

    1. You know us well, Trish! Truer words could not be spoken! We will love and support him from a distance or in our own backyard! Off to the store to buy stuff for his first carepackage! LOL

  3. Great pics of a lovely family!

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful family!!!