Sunday, June 12, 2016


It was a busy day around the house... Grace worked a double shift.  ZJ was busy working on her talk for Sacrament Meeting.  Doug was busy in the yard.  I was busy reviewing my lesson for Young Womens... 

We had two our of favorite people drop in during the day.  In the morning, Kara dropped by with a gift bag for me.  We had a delightful visit, which we always do.  She came bearing a sweet gift and a very touching card for me.  The gift...this sweet necklace with a map section that shows "Redlands", where Quayd will be serving, to wear close to my heart!  I loved my gift, I loved the card, I loved our visit and I LOVE Kara!

Later in the afternoon, we had another visitor drop by, Jared Thayne, our old Smithfield neighbor and friend. Jared dropped by with a card for Quayd.  He said that he couldn't stay but stayed about 45 minutes and we didn't want him to go when he did!  He's always fascinating to visit with! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends in our life!

Quayd has been very blessed by the kindness and generosity of our friends and family in celebration of his mission and graduation!  I love reading each and every card and note!  Again, we are blessed with great and wonderful people in our lives!

 As things were settling down for evening, I was in our bedroom and heard voices coming up the sidewalk.  I looked out the window and it was Quayd and his companions!  We were so excited to see him!  They came in and sat down for a visit and the first thing they asked was, "Can I extend my mini-mission another week?"  I was stunned!  He was serious!  They'd already gotten permission from the mission president and our stake president. We have so much to do! There's no way we could say no, though, because he's loving every second of this experience and doesn't want it to end. Who could say no to that!?

They shared some of their experiences from the week.  The Elders told me that Quayd is "a really" good teacher.  He has taught the lesson and left messages at investigators, non-members, and less active members homes all week.  They also told us, "He eats a lot!" Quayd said that they've been fed "like kings" and he will eat one plate full of food.  When it's all gone, he sits and waits politely, but if they offer more, he says, "Sure!"  They were teasing him about how much he eats.  There was lots of little personal jokes and you could see that they have connected beautifully.  They really are two awesome missionaries and they seem to be teaching him lots.  It was so good to see him! I know that this sounds silly... but he really is growing.  He doesn't seem like my high school kid anymore.  He really seemed like a missionary.  Wait.  He is a missionary!

 He was very excited about staying another week with them.  Next weekend seems so very far away, but he will learn even more this week, so we are fine with it.  But, I told him, "THEN, we need to get busy getting you ready for California!!!"  I can't believe how quickly time is moving!  We have shoes to buy and shirts to pack!   And he just wanted to get back to work!  Before they left, he left us a short message about the restoration.  I was stunned.  And touched. And like that, they were off to an appointment.  Thirty minutes later, we saw them walking up the hill.  They were quite a ways from here, so they had to have been given a ride.  We stopped and offered them a ride, but they told us that they were just heading to the Stake Center at the top of the hill and were fine.  As we drove away, I noticed Elder Weston pat Quayd on the back.  I'm so happy for him to have this experience!  I do love this boy!

Doug and I made a trip to the store to get some treats to take to friends, Paul and Andrea's for game night with them, Carol and Madi.  However, plans changed when Paul and Andrea's kids were throwing up and they were running behind, so we aborted the plan and came home.  Doug watched Zootopia with the girls and I went to bed early!  My foot was throbbing and I have not slept well for a few days, so I was hoping that I could crash!  It worked... I did... until Doug came to bed and then I was wide awake again.    Another long night... but one that I could relive a wonderful day and count my many blessings.

Life is good!

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