Thursday, June 2, 2016


Thursday was a day that I have dreamed of since the day Quayd was born. It's the day that every LDS mother and father dream of from the day of their children's birth.  Today, Quayd went to the temple as an adult member of the church.  Part of Quayd's mission preparation includes him receiving his temple endowments.  This is a sacred experience in any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' life.  I very rarely speak of the temple, other than our temple sealing several years ago, on my blog. I don't speak of going often because it's something that hold very dear to my heart and just don't think that it needs to be shared everytime I go.

However, the first time that a member of the church goes to the temple is very very special and needs mentioning.  Without a lot of details, this is the time that members make their own sacred covenants with God.  For correct information about this, you can read here. Follow the link to get even more info.

What a special day it was for Doug and I to enter the temple with two of our adult children!

We were accompanied by Doug's mom and her husband, Norm and friends, Jim and Kristy. (Jim was unable to attend Quayd's ordination on Sunday because they were away with family, so he had a special temple invite from Quayd.  Then, he had to get back to work and left the temple immediately, so no pix.)

 Quayd kind of likes his big sister, Liza.  I love the special relationship that they have always shared.

 Liza, Buddy & Quayd

Grandma and Grandpa Norm

Another hug from Liza.

This made us laugh so hard. While outside taking pictures, Quayd asked what to do with something that he will no longer need.  I said, "Just throw them away."   He said, "They are in my pocket."  We laughed and I said, "There's a trash can over there.  Just walk over and discreetly toss them."  Here's Quayd, being discreet... or not.  His sense of humor never ceases to amaze me.

For years, I've snapped a shot of Liza and her dad in front of the temple at every family event.  This photo has become a tradition.  She does love her dad.

Mom and Norm were just sitting and visiting and I caught this sweet moment.  They are like two young love birds.  I love watching them together!

Following our picture taking, we said goodbye to Liza and Buddy, who are busy helping his family with his sister's wedding.  Jim and Kristy left and then Quayd, Doug and I enjoyed lunch and a good visit with Mom and Norm.   Quayd came home and, again, said he just wanted a nap.  I came into our room and laid down on the bed to check my messages from the morning. I woke up three hours later!  Um... I think that this week has been exhausting to us all!  But, what a wonderful week it has been!  Today was one of those moments in my life that will be vivid in my memories for eternity!  Again, we are so proud of Quayd and his choices in life.  He's so excited to get to California and get busy in the work of the Lord!  What a special and sacred day this has been!

 Oh!  And here was a huge surprise tonight!  I got a call from my dear friend, Natalie.  Her daughter is getting married tomorrow.  I assumed it was something to do with the wedding schedule.  She said, "Did you get my text?!?!?!?"  I said, "No, we've been visiting with the Bishop."  (He'd dropped by for a minute to say hello to Quayd.)  Natalie said, "Alex (her son who also graduated yesterday) got his mission call tonight!"  WOOHOOOOO!  WHERE TO!?!?  She responded, "REDLANDS CALIFORNIA!!!"  I screamed, "NO WAY!!!"  I asked, "When does he leave?!"  JULY 20th!!!  Quayd and Alex, who've grown up in just up the street from each other since they were in elementary school. who's mothers are two of each others' closest friends for just as long, will be leaving for the same mission on the same day!  What are the chances!?  So so exciting!

Life is good!


  1. I too got to share a special temple experience on Thurs. Ken and I were able to do the endowments for my mom and dad. This evening we will be sealing them and then my brother and I to them. Congrats on your son's mission call. Such a special experience to go thru the temple with our kids for the first time. Linda Bruderer

  2. I love these posts. I have carried Quayd's card from Fl. To Ga. and now it is in Ohio! It will arrive before his departure date! We have spent every day on Emma and Liam's graduation prep! Photo boards, flower vase decor, stamping snack bags, cooking. I will write a letter wth details. Love you and yours, G.