Wednesday, June 1, 2016

family pix

Last night, we had family photos taken at a fun location in Providence.  Apparently, it's a happening place because I knocked on the door to ask the owners of the property if they would allow us to take pictures there.  A little girl was standing in the front window with the curtains open.  She said, "Mommy, a lady is here!"  several times. I smiled and waved at the child. A woman came to the window, looked me right in the eye and walked away.  I knocked on the door, thinking that she was coming to the door.  Nope.  The little girl kept saying, "Mommy!  There's a lady at the door."  Nothing.  I stood there for a bit and finally left. So, I drove away watching the window and the little girl slams the curtains shut.  SO ODD.  Who does that?

I called Sheree, Buddy's mom/our photographer and asked her what she thought.  We decided that the door we were taking the photos on was only 2 feet off the public sidewalk, so we would be okay.  When we arrived, later in the afternoon, we were very respectful of the public property that we could be on and the private property that we could not.  A man stopped and said that the owners used to be very good about letting people take pictures there, but teens would come for dance photos and leave bottles and trash, so he is now cranky about it.  Before we were done taking the photos, there was another photographer and family waiting to use the same door.  It must be a hot spot. So, if it's like that every night, I can understand them not liking it.  BUT.  Put up a nice note, don't be rude!

 I can't wait to see the photos!  Sheree is a wonderful photographer.  She travels around the country to take pictures for weddings, of nature, for companies.  She's really talented.  We are thrilled about this!  I was looking for a photographer, when Liza said, "Um.  We happen to know one."  I know how busy Sheree is, especially with the wedding this weekend. A few days later, Liza called and said that Sheree wanted to.  I was thrilled!  She's amazingly talented!  She was patient and did such a super job! When we were done with the family photos, we went to the Old Rock Church and she took more after Quayd changed into his missionary suit.  She said "for practice", I said, "for Kindness."  She's awesome!

Kelly did make it to the family photos.  She sent me several texts yesterday with pictures of outfits she was trying on.  All had the assigned colors, but it took five or six before her dad and I were content with what she had on and deemed it "appropriate" for family pix.  She arrived, actually, before we did.  We did group pix, then told her that she could be "excused" because she had a visit with Zaylee that she was worrying about.  We were done with the entire family, but then, Sheree took more with just Doug and I and the babes.  So excited to see them!

While Sheree was taking pix, I took a few myself.  The girls looked adorable.  We all wore yellow, denim or white.  It worked.  I can't wait to see them!

I asked Sherree if I could take pix of her taking pix later.  I didn't take many because there's nothing worse than two photographers and one subject!  But, I did snap a few of her doing her job.  

Doug entertained Aylabelle while Quayd's mission photos were being taken.

Then, Sheree took more of Aylabelle and while she did, I snapped a few of the kids.  These three kids make me crazy happy... or is it just crazy?  Depends on the day!

Zee said, "Remember when we were little and you'd take pictures of us kissing Quayd?"  So, we did.  Quayd's "Help me!" face cracked me up!

Sheree was so cute with Aylabelle.  Oh my, that child!  Could she be any cuter!?

Liza and Buddy spent the day and evening with his family.  Buddy's sister is getting married this weekend, so there was much preparation that needs to be done.  They are here with us today and leaving tonight to spend the remainder of their vacation with the Allens.  The rest of the week will be about Kaylee's wedding.

I can't believe that our son is graduating today.  Today! It's a big and busy week!  Once this day is over, we can completely focus on the mission preparation.  But, today, we celebrate Quayd! Good times!  Life is good!

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