Monday, June 6, 2016

The moment!

I was thrilled to get this little surprise email tonight from Dave Anderson, who is the amazing photographer that I mention off and on... and who also happened to be our old bishop in Smithfield, but who is mostly our good friend!  He surprised me with this photo, which he snapped with his much better camera than I'll ever dream of owning.  His son, Chase, also graduated this year, so my luck was that he grabbed this shot.  SO happy to have it!  Again, I love that this boy was looking up to us, his family, the whole time he was on stage!  Have I mentioned that I kind of love him!?!?

Lots of other fun things to share and remember... in the morning!  I'm off to share some more excitement with Quayd!  Life is good!  So is this Monday!  Just sayin'!

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