Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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A few ramblings today...

Tuesday night, for our YW activity, we took the girls "Rock Climbing".  We had so much fun.  This was one of those days that I was so not amused about my foot because I was photographer and not rock climber.  We did some rapelling years ago, against a grain silo, and sliding back down that silo was one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life!  So, I was sad to miss out.  However, someone needed to be taking pictures and cheering everyone on. Since I was the only one not climbing, that made me that one!  Most of the girls loved it.  We took eleven girls and four leaders.  How cool is that!  A great turnout.

The thing that surprised me the most was that GRACE was the most excited of my two girls.  There was only one other who reached the top of any wall.  That girl really rocked it and was doing the ledges.  But, Grace, who never wants a muscle, never likes to do anything but be "cute" was up there on that wall all night long after their 90 minutes of instruction and certifying.  ZJ hated it!  She never wants to do it again.  But, Grace was "Tom Cruisin'" it all night long!  I love that she did something so physical and could walk away feeling so good about it!

 ZJ did it, even though she hated it.  She said she never wants to do it again.  She no likee heights.  That's so odd because she's usually the one who loves to walk on the edge.  No more, she says!

Quayd is home again, but still spending much time with the missionaries.  We finally had a little talk tonight.  At first, he was a bit blue that he was home and not full-time with them.  Now that he's been home, he's glad to be here and it is harder to get out with them.  After transfers and a new companion came in, he experienced the reality of the fact that transfers are hard.  He missed Elder Taylor and isn't as connected with the new missionary because he hasn't lived with him.  I finally was able to talk with him a bit and get it out of him.

He told me that he's got three and a half weeks left.  He wants to be doing all sorts of fun things at home, but feels guilty because they want him to serving with them.  I explained to him that this is not his mission.  His mission doesn't begin until July 20.  He has 26 days left to be Quayd before he's officially Elder Corbridge, so he doesn't need to feel guilty at all for telling the Elders who are serving full-time that he wants to be Quayd for his last few weeks.  You could literally feel his relief.  He will still serve when he wants, but he doesn't need to feel obligated because his mini-mission is over.  Anything he does from here until July 20 is up to him!

The Elders woke him up bright and early this morning to go to a District Planning Meeting, which he really didn't need to be at.  He got up, got dressed and went.  This afternoon, he went out to teach a discussion with them.  I texted for him to call after the discussion ended, because I knew that they'd have another appointment, so I wanted to give him an "out".  I asked, "Are you ready to come home tonight?" and his "Sure" was pretty telling.  He was home in twenty minutes and spend the evening working in the garden/flowerbed with Doug and I and ZJ.  Before too long, they were having a water/mudfight and laughing loud enough to be heard a block away.  I was frustrated that the weeding wasn't done, but they had a bawl and I finally had to concede that this was a good memory being made, the weeds will wait.  (And we did get most of them.)  Too fun!  The Elders called to see if Quayd could come later in the evening and I told them, no, Quayd's busy with family.  I hope that he's busy with family a lot this last few weeks!

As is obvious, Quayd got the best of Zee!

 Zee has had a sore throat for a week and hasn't been out much.  That's the most she's been out and about all week long.  My mother would die if she saw Zee out in the cold water and evening air.  And I hear Quayd coughing now.  My bad.  But, they'll still be alive and they'll remember one of their last crazy times together.

It's been a busy and fun week.  We did a lot of mission shopping and are almost done.  There's a checklist of things to do for Quayd on his mission preparation online list.  The church keeps track of what's done and not.  He's only got one or two boxes left to check.  His new mission president actually arrives in California on Monday.  This is such an exciting time!

Grace will be speaking in Sacrament Meeting to tell about her LTC experience last week.  Then, we have three Sundays left before Quayd leaves.  Time is moving far too quickly!  I saw a meme or something that said, "You call it empty nest.  I call it a Craft Room."  This made me laugh out loud.  I'm still debating... Doug's private office, craft room or guest room, but I call it something.  But, anyway around it, I call it, "I miss my boy!"  My friend, April's son, Braxton, returned from his mission tonight.  Her joy has been absolutely thrilling to watch over the past few months.  She's lead the way.  My dear friend, Kara's son, Tyler, is hitting his "hump day" this week.  Again, what a thrill to be a missionary mom!  Love it and looking forward to it!

And last but not least...  Kelly's 36th birthday is Saturday.  I took her to lunch today... just the two of us alone.  Oh my.   We had a nice visit over lunch.  I insisted that her phone stay in her purse the entire time we were seated.  After five or ten minutes, she realized that I wasn't changing my mind and we had a nice visit together.  That girl.  Yagottaloveher.  I do... tattoos, piercings, phone attached to her hand at all times, crazy lifestyle and all.  I love her to death!

Life is good!  Very, very good!

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