Sunday, June 5, 2016


This past week was filled with so much emotion.  Highs... bigtime highs.  Lows... super-sad lows.  It was quite the week.  I was visiting yesterday with someone who reminded me that there must be opposition in all things.  Following a week of such wonderful highs, we definitely experienced some opposition with GoGo's death.  Thankfully, this morning, it felt like the kids were beginning to move on a bit.  Perhaps that is because ZJ was so focused on having to tell Lasse goodbye at the airport today.

Lasse, Layne and Julie's German Exchange student, should be boarding a plane in less than an hour.  ZJ went with Layne and Julie to the airport.  So, this means that by now, they have probably said goodbye.  It will be a difficult goodbye for her, but I do think that it will be made easier being with Layne and Julie than it would have been seeing them drive away this morning.  This way she gets to spend his very last minutes with him.  Seriously, I've asked her if she is "crushing" on him just a little.  NOPE.  He's my bestie.  And they are seriously like a brother and sister... the way that they tease each other, the way that they talk and share with each other.  It's a sweet relationship.  I feel that Skype will become a part of our days in the near future.

In the meantime, I took this cute photo of them together this morning before he left.  Lasse speaks such perfect English with a very slight German accent... nothing like my hero, President Uchtdorf's thick accent, which I adore.   I told him that I love him.  He said, "Love you too." and I walked away thinking, this kid has really grown on us and felt like family.  When we first met, he was so quiet around us.  Not so much anymore.  The teasing is immense.  I digress... Lasse will be missed!

In other news and happenings this past week...

On Friday, Doug and I were privileged to be invited to Natalie's daughter's wedding in the Logan Temple.  What a beautiful bride, Abby,  WOW!  And the wedding!  Natalie has a gift for decorating and mostly for elegance.  It was lovely!  ABSOLUTELY breathtaking.  I loved every single inch of decor for the reception.  Everything was vintage gold and creams and pinks with roses and lace and antiques.  It was incredible!  We did not go back for the reception because of GoGo's death just before we were supposed to leave.  But, the luncheon was in the same place and it was exquisite!  We loved it! Doug and I both felt so honored to be in that circle of family.  For their "book", they had everyone sign a black globe with gold pens.  Cute!  And the cupcakes.  Oh my! What a wonderful experience.

  The traditional walking out of the temple to meet the family brings cheers from everyone!

The cupcakes were divine!  The antiques were wonderful!  The little touches were incredible... Totally Natalie's gift in life!

 The head table before the candles were lit.

 The centerpieces, filled with vintage frames and books, roses and photos of the bride and groom.  There were also old metal tins filled with pebble ice and vintage bottles of soft drinks as we walked in.  She thought of everything!

Last night, we went to a another wonderful was outdoors in a secluded private Smithfield park.  Buddy's sister was married. Kaylee is adorable!  I just love her!   Her gown was fabulous.  The photos displayed were incredible (all taken by Sheree, of course, so how could they not be!  I'm talking FAB.U.LOUS... the bride in her wedding gown down in the monumental red rock parks of Southern Utah at sunset.  OH MY!)  There was so much food...sandwiches and more treats than I could count!  The presentation was so much fun and so many clever ideas!  Loved them all!  They had a very clever idea for wedding advice... Old doors with bakers string and little clothespins on them to pin your wedding advice.  CUTE!  A Cotton candy machine, lemonades and syrups to mix them up a bit and did I mention the fabulous food!?  Her cake was beautiful!  I was feeling bit sick before we arrived and we were not able to stay long.  I wanted to take photos of everything and I'm sick that I couldn't.  When I pulled out my camera, Liza and Aylabelle were the only ones near and we left very quickly. Neither photo is very wonderful, but it's all I got.  Sadly.  Kaylee looked stunning.  I could have stayed and visited all night with the family.

Quayd and Liza shared a cotton candy.  That's Quayd's hand.  And look at that handsome man in the background visiting with people.  That's what he does best!

And Little Miss loved the candy bar and had just eaten a huge strawberry!  She left lots of wedding advice, once she discovered the cards and markers.   The first thing she said to me was, "Look, Grammie!  I have a flower!"

Doug and I also spent most of our Saturday morning at the Garden shop then planting our little garden in our front yard.  How this will work, I do not know.  While our secluded and shaded backyard makes us happy, it does not allow for enough light to plant a thing.  We planted a dozen tomatoes last summer and got three, Doug reminds me.  Three very tiny tomatoes.  So, if we are to have a garden, it will have to be in our front flowerbeds.  So, we went to the nursery and bought flowers and ornamental grasses and more veggies, then got them all planted.  How it will all look, I do not know.  But, the Corbridges now have an edible ornamental garden/flowerbeds in their front yard.  We'll see how it goes from here.  Our rule has always been that Doug does not eat the weeds in the front yard and I do not spray the weeds in the back yard.  Now, we aren't sure what we'll do.  It has to look nice, but it has to be natural... we've already started disagreeing over to weed or not to weed.... weeds keep the moisture in.  Weeds make the neighbors and Sophia unhappy.  We shall see.  If that's the worst thing we ever disagree on, I think we are okay.

It really has been a wonderful week.  Even with GoGo's passing and Lasse leaving, our focus is on all of the good and wonderful things that have taken place.  We have 45 days until Quayd reports to the Mission Training Center.  We have a LOT to do!  It's going to be a fun six and a half weeks!  Life is so good!

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