Thursday, June 16, 2016


Zeej and I have really had fun together this week.  I think she could get used to being the "only child"... I know Liza sure did when she had her turn.  We joke that Liza was "the baby" for the first 17 years of her life, the "only child" (when Dale and Kelly moved out), the middle child (now), the oldest (for the short while that she was still living at home when we got the babes), "the oldest" (because she's the only one of the bigs who's really had a close relationship with them).  She's been all of the positions in the birth order.  All she cares is that she's "my favorite".  ZJ has enjoyed a week of being "favorite" and "only".

However, we've had enough Quayd sightings that the "only" has been intermittent!  Tonight, Doug and I went for our walk around the block and ran across Alan and Jill, who were parked at the corner visiting with their friends/our newest neighbors.  We had a great tour of their home and got to know them a little better.  I think that our neighborhood is getting better every day!  While there visiting, Elder Weston came out of the home and into the garage fridge for a glass of water.  I was shocked to see Quayd follow.  It's amazing how often this week and how not once last week, we've run into them.  He is coming home at noon on Saturday.  The party is over.  ;)  I foresee Quayd continuing to work at the new neighbors next week whenever he can help.

This morning, Zee and I visited with Harli, who bought our Smithfield home and she said that we could run over after lunch for a tour of the home to see what all she has done.  I could not believe it!  Neither of us could!  It's soooooo different!  We both kept saying how many changes they've made.  All of the home is painted a tan with pops of teal throughout, including the front door.  There's western stuff, cowboy things all throughout. It's darling!  BUT so different than when we lived there.

  They've completely removed every tree, except on plum, the apple and cherry trees.  All of the tall 60 foot trees are gone.  They've replanted evergreens everywhere and planted the garden north and south, which we never did once.  The raspberries are gone.  They finished the garage with sheetrock and shelving.  It's amazing, the difference!  I think that the biggest difference to me, aside from the yard, was the fact that every room seemed so small.  Doug called as we were leaving and I said, "Thank you for buying me our new home."  Every room seemed so tiny compared to the size of the rooms in this home.  Our bedrooms are all larger than any room in the old home.  The kitchen.  Wow.  SO weird.  But, it feels so homey and cozy and they are taking such great care of it.  Nothing makes me happier!

Doug and I took Zee to the movies this afternoon to see "Me before You".  What a beautiful story.  All I could think of throughout the whole movie was Christopher Reeve, who I have absolutely adores since I was 18 years old.  The actor looks so much like him and the story... wow.  Grab a box of tissues and go see it!  Total chick flick, but Doug loved it and cried too!  Another reason to love this man of mine!

Grace comes home tomorrow.  Our Young Womens President just dropped by for a sec and told us that she'd been at the LTC tonight.  She attended the Testimony Meeting tonight.  She said that all of the girls began their testimonies with "I didn't really want to come but my mom made me."  Grace stood up and said, "I've been so excited to come to LTC!  I couldn't wait!  And I've loved it!"  I can't wait to hear all about it!  I'm picking them up tomorrow and I'm very excited!

So, our week of lots of different directions will come to an end... Grace on Friday. Quayd on Saturday.   And Sunday we will be attending the mission farewell of my favorite niece, Samantha, as she departs to Minnesota for her LDS mission.  Good times!  Good times!

This morning,  Our friend Dan, who installed all of our carpet and half the floors came by.  Alan and Jill dropped by too so that we could make some definite plans for carpeting at the cabin.  The cabinets are in and the floors are one of the last things to be done before the cabin restoration is complete!  It should be done before the Corbridge Reunion!  More good times!

Life is good!  Busy, fun, exciting, exhausting and oh so good!

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