Wednesday, June 22, 2016

about Father's Day

I am a few days late posting about Fathers Day.  For some reason, this year, it hit me hard, like Mothers Day often does.  I love Fathers Day!  LOVE it!  I love making it special for Doug!  I love having the kids make it special for Doug!  But, this year, and I'm guessing it's because of the disconnect with my dad, I felt a bit sad for him.  So, I posted, like most people did, a fathers day post on Facebook.  (A friend commented about her own, "Every dad deserves a shout out on his special day."  I agree.)  Here's what I posted.   What started out to be a simple, Doug's a great dad! ended up being a long post with much deeper feelings than I expected to come out!

I grew up in a home with a very absent father.  He had yet to grow up himself.  I loved him because he was my dad.  When he was there, he was awesome.  Although we have never been able to maintain a close relationship, he's my father and I'm thankful for him and my heritage!  My parents divorced when I was just 13 and my mother took me away from all that was my dad, including his extended family.  How grateful I am for being reunited with them all when I was in my late 40s.  What a gift!

 I also was blessed with a wonderful step-father, who was just fabulous and treated me like his own daughter, until his dying breath.  I adored him!  On Father's Day, I am thankful for the good men in my life who have been a huge influence.  Not all were even father age to me, but they have made an impact!   Doug's uncle, Eldon Corbridge, a real life hero to me.  Each of Doug's uncles were incredible men. My brother from another mother/past bishop/boss/friend, Chester Gibson.  A dairy farmer from Malad ID, Dave Nielson, who was as loving to me as any father I could imagine.  Doug Bradt, who's a surrogate father to Doug and I and grandfather to all six of our kids.  

The REAL father in my life has been the good man that I married.  His love and patience, his positive attitude and ALWAYS cheerful and loving disposition has been exemplary to me for 40 years now.  He's taught our children to love and accept those around us unconditionally.  He's taught us that obedience brings blessings.  He's taught us to Love God with all our hearts.  So, although I may not have had a "traditional" dad, my life has been blessed tremendously with many good men.  Happy Fathers Day to all the good men out there!

Best Dad ever... in my world, that is! 
 Quayd and Doug before Graduation

That came from deep in my heart.  What a gift to have been blessed with good men in my life.  I could list a dozen more.  I thought about it later in the day and thought of men that are, today, a very important part of my world.  Doug's YSA President just impresses me more everytime we are together.  The bishop that he served with/Doug's good friend and one of his heroes and his gift of making life exciting and wonderful and all about serving and bettering everyone he comes in contact with.  Our good bishop in our home ward. Layne, our friend/neighbor and his example to say, "What can I do to help!?" with such enthusiasm, no matter what the task. I feel blessed that the Lord continues to bless us with good leaders, good friends, good neighbors.  I also feel extremely blessed to know that there are four great men who our grands call "daddy", who've adopted these children into their hearts and homes.  What a blessing!  

SO.  I guess that my main thought on Father's Day was that my Heavenly Father loves me and mine.  He has carefully placed good men in my life, throughout my whole life, to love and guide and direct and bless me.  Father's Day was very special this year!    And it wasn't at all about the gifts Doug opened or his breakfast in bed.  For me, it was about the gift of fathers, not gifts for fathers.  That's all.

Life is good!

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