Thursday, May 19, 2016


Zee us home sick.  She's got the flu that I had 48 hours ago.  She's finally sleeping, after being up all night long and trying most of the day to be comfortable enough to relax.  An hour ago, she was curled up on the chair in my bedroom, being Zee.  Zee... my happy, even when she's sick, humorous girl.  I was at my desk, trying to study my lesson for Sunday, so I had the computer open and started typing as the conversation continued. Here's the "saved" part of the conversation: 

Z:  Mom, I'm dying.  
Me:  Please don't die today.  I'm busy.  
Z:  It's happening.  I see the light.  I'm seeing it right now.  
Me: Don't die today, please.  I'm really busy.  
Z:  It's too late.  Kiss me goodbye, Mom.  
Me:  Don't die. Not today.  
Z:  I need to go skydiving really quick.  
Me:  Why?  I thought you were dying.
Z: It's on my bucket list and I can't kick the bucket until I've sky-dived.  
Me:  Good, you'll have to wait another day.  
Z:  It's true.  But, I'm dying.  Unicorns really exist.  I'm looking at them right now.  
Me:  Oh, good to know.  
Zee:  I feel like I've been skinned and I think I'm bring rubbed in hand-sanitizer.
Me:  I hate it when that happens.
Zee:  I think I need to go to the hospital.  Then, I can be cured.  Would that be expensive? 
Me:  Yeh, we have enough hospital bills already.
Z: Maybe I should go to the hospital and have anesthetic to put me out of my pain.  Is that legal?  Feeling better shouldn't be so expensive.
Me:  Yeh, anything medical is expensive.
Zee: Why do the doctors make everything so expensive so that I have to suffer?  Are you aloud to buy anesthetic machine?  Is that legal?
Me:  Probably not.
Z:  Yeh, you're probably right. But, I'm really dying now.
Me:  Love you, goodbye.  It was fun knowing you.  
Z:  I had my first kiss three weeks ago.  
Me: You WHAT?  
Z:  Just kidding, I needed something to confess before I died.  
Me:  Lucky for you!
Z: Buy something for Grace with my $500 kiss money. Wait.  I was just kidding.  I think you should bring ___ over to give me my first and last kiss before I die.  
Me:  Okay, I'll call him right now.
Z, starting to sing her own version of Bohemian Rhapsody: "Mama, I'm dying.  Shivers down my spine.  My body's aching all the time. cough-cough.  Too late, my time is come.  The light is shining bright.  I can see my ancestors eyes.  Goodbye, everybody, I've got to run and Quayd didn't clean the bathroom." 

She went on but I was laughing to hard to keep typing.
Dramatic much?  Yagottaluvher!


  1. I think she's been kissed. She's not kidding...she just doesn't want to give up the $500. Tell her I said, skip the money and go for the kiss...every time. Some things are way more valuable than cold, hard cash. NOW YOU TELL HER THIS!