Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So, this happened, finally!

 We finally got the pix done!  These are "outtakes", but they are a few of my faves!  This first one was, the moment it happened, the one that I knew would be my favorite but not one to put on an announcement.  It's Quayd at his loudest, biggest, bestest laugh!  He'd been doing "manly" poses and broke out in laughter!  Shortly after that, I dropped my camera battery on the ground, ZJ picked it up and told me she found it, and I responded, "Oh!  I dropped it from my boobs!", just as a jogger ran by brought about this laugh.  The jogger said, "Good to know.  Good to know."  Lots of laughs!

I like the "tunnel" effect.  He's so cute!  I heart this boy!

We did a mission pix, as well, for his announcement.  This one, with the temple in the background, makes me cry.  Oh my heck, I love him!


Since I had a cute helper along, I had to take a few of her, as well.


Good times!  Life is good!

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  1. I can't wait to see his senior pics! hint hint :)