Tuesday, May 3, 2016

short and wonderful!

Liza left a few hours ago.  We had a delightful visit.  She spent Friday night with us just relaxing, then most of the day Saturday with Buddy's youngest sister, who is getting married in a few weeks.  Following her bridal shower, Liza came home and we had her all to ourselves until this morning... with lots on the calendar, we had her to ourselves.

We didn't get much sleep, but we can sleep when we die, right?  We played a ton of games, prepared and checked off the New Beginnings program at church last night, ate a lot, played a lot and laughed a lot!

A few laughs... which I realize you may have had to be there, but we have laughed until we cried several times...

Grace came in announcing "I made Bella Voce!!" after auditioning for next year.  Liza overheard from a distance, "You drank all the OJ?"

One of our biggest laughs was when I told Aylabelle that I had a surprise for her.  We walked out to the back of the Subaru and I pulled out these cookies.  Her face!  It wasn't like "Wow!"  It was more like "WHAT THE!?!?!?"  She'd never seen suck a big cookie jar!  I asked her if she wanted to hold them while I grabbed my camera.  She said, "Grammie, it's heavy."  She was about to lose it by the time I got the camera.

One thing is certain... Aylabelle adores the kids.  Seriously!  Last night, she got an owie and wanted, "Auntie Zee".  They played together non-stop while Zee was home...either dolls or going to the park, they were together.
 When I asked her what treats she wanted Grammie to have, she didn't even have to think about it, "Grapes!"

"mmmmmmmm", she still hums while she eats and the more she likes it, the louder she hums.  Grapes definitely get the largest hum.

 We took a little run to Sonic for Happy Hour and corndogs on Saturday.  I love that Aylabelle loves taking selfies!

ZJ has taught Aylabelle how to "dab" (the dance of 2016).  Aylabelle thinks it is so funny and does it all the time... her own version.  Now, she asks everyone, "You like to Dab?  I like it!"  One of the first things she said to her daddy on Facetime was, "Daddy, do you dab?"  Buddy Dabbed and she cheered!  You'd think that Buddy works at a University of college kids! 

She's got it down!

Aylabelle was told it was bedtime.  "Wait!  Grammie?  You wanna play Tenzi?!"  She knows!

While playing Tenzi, we were rolling for a combination of four 4's, three 3's, two 2's and one 1.  ZJ got it and yelled, "Tenzi!"  Aylabelle thinks that "Tenzi" means ten of a kind, which is what she rolls for all the time while we play with her own color of dice.  She looked across the table at Zeej, saw her combination and said, "Aunt Zee, that's NOT a Tenzi!"  She's smart!

My favorite however was when Aylabelle walked into our closet as Doug was getting his pajama bottoms on.  He is known for this dorky trick... he pulled them up to his chest so that they are super short, then he sticks out his belly as far as he can (which isn't far on his thin body), and he makes this old man face.  Aylabelle watched him pull those jammies up to his chest, stopped cold in her tracks, looked at him with a bit of disgust and, without a word, shook her head in a definite "No!"  As if to say, "That's not working, Gramp."  We all busted out laughing so hard!

Doug's mom dropped by for a lovely visit on Saturday evening.  I took a picture of Liza and Mom, but ZJ had taken Aylabelle to the park, so we didn't get a four generation photo, which made my heart hurt later when I realized that I'd missed an opportunity.

 Yesterday, Doug took the day off and we spent time with Liza and Aylabelle alone.  It was so much fun to just play and give them one on one time.  We went out for breakfast at Herm's (Liza's choice, but a happy one for Doug) and then to First Dam to feed the ducks.

  I loved watching Doug with Aylabelle almost as much as we love being with her!

Liza commented on how seriously she was taking it.

 I was intrigued watching Aylabelle as she ran all through and around the ducks, getting so close that they were right at her eye level and only inches away from her. She had no fear.  I was raised by a mother who feared everything and consequently, I fight that urge to resist the wonderful opportunities in life because of the what if's.  Thankfully, I do well on it and even better the older I get.  But, Aylabelle was right in there with them, talking to them, feeding them, reaching out for them. 

  She'd toss the bread or crackers and say, "Here you go, everybody!"  It was adorable!

 "You want some too?"  Her little voice.  Doug says, constantly, "Record that."

The mama duck of these five little babies was not friendly.  She'd come and take the food but then hiss as us.  Literally his.  It was the first time I've ever seen anything like that.

She kept going back to Gramp, "More please" and they ate an entire box of Wheat Thins. 
She also shared with several other kids that she saw, "Here you go.  You want to feed the ducks too."  She's definitely her mama's daughter.

I kind of like this little girl!

...And her mama!  This morning, before they left, Liza, Aylabelle and I went to Center Street Grill for breakfast.  Aylabelle just sits and keeps herself entertained while we visit.  She played on my iPad and phone for a bit and gave Liza and I time to talk.  Yesterday, she was the same way at Herms.

At one point, she asked, "What are you talking about, guys?"  She fascinates me with her little Mini-Liza disposition, always positive and cheerful.  I love it!

LIFE IS GOOD!!! And one of my favorite parts is visits from Liza and fam!

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  1. Not that you don't know this already but in case...you know you aren't going to sleep when you die, right?