Monday, May 23, 2016

gettin' 'er done!

It's 2:51PM.  I've been at my desk since 7:12 this morning, but I'm getting the job done.  There was some paperwork that needed done for Quayd's mission president, some insurance documents that needed to be verified, some tax stuff that needed looking at (Our county assessor gave themselves a 20% raise on taxes since we purchased it 17 months ago... really?), some bills to be paid and then there was the matter of Quayd's Seminary Graduation... which apparently, he missed last night.

This weekend was a blur of running from one event to another.  Most important on the list was the afternoon Stake Priesthood Meeting, in which, Quayd was sustained to become an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Ironically, of all meetings ever, Grace was asked to sing along with one other girl from our ward and two boys, in that meeting.  A first that I'm aware of... two young women singing at Priesthood Meeting.  I was thrilled, however, because as her mom, I was able to be present to hear her sing.  They did a wonderful job!  Our Stake President invited us six women (two moms, Zee, the two girls singing and the accompanist) to stay for the entire meeting, if we'd like.  (On a side note:  I, personally, am happy not to hold the priesthood.  I will take holding Doug, who is my priesthood, anytime to all of the responsibility that he has!  Enough said about that!)  Anyway, we were able to hear the girls sing and I got to be there to see my son called to the stand to be sustained as an Elder! Happiness!  Joy, Joy!!

Following the meeting, we "womenfolk" left the men there for the rest of their meeting and I came home to prepare dinner.  Doug had seen a commercial for a "taco pizza" and had mentioned it a few times, so I made a homemade taco pizza.  He was so happy!  Everyone ate until they didn't even want dessert!  We had decided to spend the evening together as a family watching the movie, "Lincoln".  Just as we were seated, Quayd got a text from one of the guys in the ward, "Where are you?  It's Seminary Graduation."  We all looked at each other like, "HUH?" because Quayd still has one more week of Seminary.  He's in Smithfield Seminary, not Logan High.  So, we assumed that Quayd would graduate with the Skyview High Seminary Grads.   We just watched our movie and planned that next week would be his event.

This morning, I got a call from the High Councilor in our stake who will be present when Quayd is officially ordained as an Elder.  We were trying to get that scheduled and I wondered about the time of day that Smithfield Seminary is going to be held.  A few phone calls later, I learned that it was last night too! No one had told us and WE MISSED IT!  Annnnd, Quayd was supposed to graduate with his ward, not his Seminary.  Good to know!  A day late.  Oops.  And so.  Quayd will be an official Seminary Graduate who did not have to do the whole graduation ceremonial walk.  When he called from school today and I told him, "Good news and Bad news", he was quite content that he didn't have one more meeting that he'd had to sit in last night.  He graduated, that's all that mattered to him.  I'm thinking, I'll put together a little graduation ceremony for him at home next weekend.  Another reason to party, right?

Quayd has not been working many hours this past few weeks, but he's had plenty on his plate! He spent much of the weekend working on memorizing some things that his mission president suggested he arrives with in his mind.  He's done great!  He now knows "The First Vision" scriptures by memory, as well as the Baptismal commitment and the purpose of his mission.  I heart this boy and his great attitude and enthusiasm about serving the Lord.  He really is excited.  In the meantime, we are slowly picking up this and that from his "Needs" list.   

We were both thrilled to have one big need arrive in the mail from my dear friend, Susan, in Ohio.  She sent Quayd this wonderful satchel because missionaries no longer use back packs.  He loves it!  I love it!  We both appreciate it!  Susan had bought the same one for her own grandson who is serving and she knows that it's proven to be a great one!

This afternoon, we are going to get his photos taken, for his graduation announcements.  We've been trying for weeks.  Between the weather and his schedule, it's just not happened.  Today, when I mentioned that today is THE day, he had other ideas, but today, IS the day.  He conceded!  We are running out of time!  Life is wonderful and good!

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