Wednesday, May 11, 2016

a fun run!

I just got in from a most fun overnighter at the cabin.  Originally, the plan was for me to go up with Alan and Jill, yesterday, make lunch for them while they worked, give my opinion on a few things and come home.  However, while on our Sonic Run, Carol and I decided to take a drive up together, spend the night and come home today instead.  We literally didn't pack any food, other than the ground beef and rice that I was making for lunch.  We just loaded a bag with cards, games and our pajamas, and hit the road.

We stopped at the grocery store in Soda Springs, bought $100 worth of food for the remainder of the lunch fixings, Diet Coke, ice and treats then headed on to the cabin.  Carol was wearing capris and flipflops.  Alan who arrived an hour ahead of us, texted, "Bring your snow boots!"  a little late for that!  We arrived at the cabin in the snow and wind and C-O-L-D!  Carol put her socks on and had the thong of her flipflops between her toes with socks.  It was so funny!  I would be in trouble if I showed the whole picture! ha!

We made lunch,checked out the cabin restoral and then Carol and I went back over to the loft where it was warm and cozy for a very lot of cokes (is that even close to proper grammar?), more cards and Quixx than we can say.  I won 2/3 Quixx games.  We kept score because I think that Carol always wins, but apparently not.  We played a ton of a "Trim" type game and she introduced me to another card game that I can't get enough of called "Idiot".  However, because I kept winning it with getting all of the lucky cards, she pulled five of the eight of them out to "level the playing field.  Apparently, it worked because I didn't win nearly as much after that."  When we play, we never care who wins, playing is all that matters!

We stayed up until well after 2, just talking until we were both dozing off on each other.  We talked about our families. We each named the other's siblings and all of their kids and even some of their kids' kids.  Our families are sooooooo different from each other! Carol's family is very close and they share so many similar interests.  My mother and brother and I could not be any more opposite and Doug's family are equally opposite, in different ways.  Doug's family are not game players, they are not party people and are much more introverted.  Doug's family is very musical, conservative and super "natural" or "health-minded".  Carol has a family of joggers and cyclist, but they live to celebrate every day with fun foods and so many huuuge creative activities together and often.  Doug's family are more hikers and gardeners, they are not big talkers and definitely don't like to party just for a party's sake.  Doug has become more like I am, in that way... he enjoys our gatherings and games and loves the laughter that they bring.  And my family... well... we just don't get together at all.  Period.  One thing that Doug's family does share with Carol's is that they are all very solid in the gospel.  So interesting.  Carol and I, although we come from such different backgrounds, yet, we read each other's minds much of the time and laugh more than any two people I know when we are together and have more in common that could ever be listed.  Our friendship is a gift.

As we were falling asleep (and it was 1:45AM, so my mind was shutting down), I could not for the life of me, remember the name of one of my nieces or nephews children.  Because we don't get together often with Doug's family,  I have possibly seen this child three times.  I knew the child's name but lost it.  It was on the tip of my tongue.  As I was just about asleep, it came to me!  I called it out!  Carol, half asleep in her bed, mumbled, "Well done."  z-z-z-z-z-z  hah!

Years ago, shortly after Jon passed away, Carol and I took all of our kids to the cabin.  We stopped at a little store in Soda and found these reusable plastic showercap type things to put over a bowl or watermelon.  Madi was about twelve at the time, that age where everything parents do embarassess them to death!  We bought the plastic things and put them on our heads, walking around the store (where we were confident that we didn't know anyone!) and Madi was horrified!  Last night, we found some more of them, and this morning, we put them on our heads to take a pic and send to Madi with "Ready to go shopping!"(These were much smaller which makes them look even dorkier!  It's wonderful to have a friend that you can be totally ridiculous with and still "respect each other in the morning."

Today, we awoke at about 8:30 to much better weather!  We played more games, ate bagels and strawberry cream cheese, played some more until noon, when we packed up, cleaned up, then headed home with a stop for lunch and a few others on our way to the valley.  We were home just as the kids were coming in from school.  A great day's outing and we did pretty good for being "spontaneous!"   Who could not love being at the ranch!?

The cabin progress is coming along so well.  Because of the mold stains and damage, after they were soda/sandblasted and dried, the logs have had to be whitewashed.  The cabin has a completely different feel without the honey colored logs but I've been on pinterest checking out "White Log Cabins" and there are some pretty amazing examples.  I think that, although it will be a total contrast to what it was, it will be a "different kind of beautiful".  We are just excited to see it done! It really is beautiful, but it takes some getting used to, indeed. Here's a few pix.

 From the landing, looking down into the great room.  The flooring is coming right along!

 Looking into the kitchen from the great room.

They made huge progress on the cabinets while we were next door playing!

The new ceiling fan is huuuuuuge!

The master bedroom seems so tiny being empty.  It's hard to believe that the king size bed was in this room with plenty of space to spare.  We kept commenting on how small it felt, but we know it's not.  ???

 upstairs dorm room

 another upstairs bedroom

It's really looking great!  I've got carpet samples here to visit with Doug's mom about and that should take a few weeks.  There is still no water, and the bathrooms need a lot of work still, but it's happening!  They are doing a fantastic job!  Doug was so happy to see the pix when I showed him this afternoon!

I came home just as the kids were coming in from school.  Life got right back to "real"... "Mom, can I go here?  Mom, did you do this?  Did you do that?  Mom, I need this...."  Sandwiches for Doug and he was off to his meetings.  The girls were off to do their things and Quayd and I were busy making some plans for his senior pictures and haircuts and and and...   My phone was filled with texts and messages and the hot tub was screaming my name!  I do love my life!  Busy, crazy and blessed!  Those three words describe it best!  Life is good!!!

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