Monday, May 30, 2016

He's an Elder.

When Quayd received his mission call and was making the phone calls to let everyone know that it had arrived and where he was going to be serving, he had a list of the people who matter the most to him to call first.  As he called these good men, who have been influencial in his life, he asked each of them to stand in the circle when he was ordained to be an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  When he was all done calling everyone, I checked the list and counted seventeen men who would be invited to participate in this most important moment of his life thus far. 

As we began to prepare for the events of this month, I also realized that the ordination is more of a private and solemn affair.  But, Quayd loves these men... his uncles, his church leaders present and past, and close family friends.  So, as we planned for the occasion, we began to plan and prepare for them all to come to our home on Sunday evening for the ordination.  However, what we did not realize was that his temple interview with the Stake President would take place that afternoon and the interview must take place after the ordination.  So, we changed the plan to Sunday morning at 9AM, which we knew would mean that several of these good men would not be able to attend because they are currently serving in leadership positions of the church and would be involved conducting or participating in their own meetings.  Quayd understood that completely when the change was made.

Another thing that I learned was that an ordination is to be kept short, sweet and simple.  Meaning no brunch or breakfast for all who attended.  The ordination would take place and we would take a few pictures then say goodbye and head to regular church meetings.

On Sunday morning, we were all up and dressed bright and early for our guests to begin arriving at 8:45.  Doug's sister, Anne and her husband, Bob, were the first to arrive, followed shortly after by Quayd's birth grandparents.  Then, everyone else began to arrive just before nine.  Our living room was filled with friends and family. 

Brother Rick Jones represented the Stake Presidentcy and after we'd gone around the circle to make the introductions,, he invited Quayd to take a moment and share his thoughts for these good men and to bear his testimony.  Quayd was completely unprepared for that little surprise.  I could see his eyes get big, as Brother Jones asked him.  He stood up, thanked everyone for being there and for their important part in his life, then he bore his sweet testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was a proud moment for Doug and I both because his spirit just shines.  He's so excited about this opportunity to serve.  He has really grown this past few months... in maturity, in spirit and in stature.  I heart him!

Following Quayd's remarks, Brother Jones invited the men to stand in the circle and place their hands upon his head.  Doug, then, ordained Quayd to the Melchizidek Priesthood, for him to become an Elder.  The blessing was beautiful.  The room was filled with love and peace and joy.  My tears just fell.  I can see such growth in Doug over this past year, as well as Quayd.  It was beautiful to hear this good man, this good father, pronounce this beautiful blessing upon his good son, who he loves more than words could ever express.  They are so close.  I love watching the two of them always, but this topped it all!

As the blessing ended, Quayd stood and hugged his dad for what seemed an eternity.  He then turned to each of the men in the circle and hugged them.  These men included:

Brother Rick Jones - High Council from our Stake
Bishop Tom Auga - our current awesome home ward bishop
Doug - father extraordinaire!
Buddy - Quayd's favorite (and only) brother-in-law
Alan  - uncle extraordinaire!
Bob - another uncle extraordinaire
Stott - adopted uncle/Miki's dad
Dave  - another "adopted uncle"/Jason's dad
Todd - former Young Mens President/friend/old Smithfield neighbor who Quayd adores
Grandpa Dave - Quayd's birth grandfather 

Missing were a few uncles, Quayd's second favorite man ever, Jim and his wife Kristy (who were away with family for the holiday weekend) and former Smithfield Bishop Dave Anderson, who was probably one of Quayd's most awesome examples and influences.  It's amazing to see these people who have truly helped mold Quayd into the man that he is today.

Following his blessing, we visited and took pictures.  Sadly, a few of the men left before cameras were pulled out.  I was sick about this!  Lots of hugs and lots of fun conversations for the next 45 minutes and we were out the door and off to Doug's YSA Sacrament Meeting at 10.  It was perfect because we were able to be done with our meetings early enough to make a wonderful dinner and enjoy time together the rest of the afternoon.  A perfect morning, a perfect day!

In no random order, here's some of the pix we took that morning.  Everyone had my camera, so I'm not sure who took what, but I had to laugh when I downloaded the pix because Buddy had the camera for a bit and whenever he gets hold of my camera, he's out of control, taking pix of anything from manholes to streetsigns.
Just before everyone arrived, I snapped this one.  What a good looking young man!

This is so cute!  Jason and Quayd are buds/half-brothers.  They love each other!  Dave told us that Jason was so excited to be invited to Quayd's "coronation".  He kept calling it a "Coronation" instead of "ordination".  Dave made a point of getting them both a crown to remember Quayd's Coronation.

It was wonderful to have Jason here to watch his big brother taking this important step in his life!

We love Anne and Bob.  The kids always see or hear Aunt Anne's voice and say, "I love Aunt Anne!"  I loved this shot of her laughing!  She has the most memorable laugh!   After the blessing, Anne shared her memory of Doug being ordained as an Elder.  It was probably my second favorite moment of the day.

Uncle Alan and Aunt Jill are pretty much a part of everything we do in our world.  The kids adore them.  So glad that they were able to be here!

Here's Dave and Quayd.  Quayd's first comment, "DANG!  I was hoping that I was finally as tall as him!"  Dave's almost 6'5".  Quayd has a few inches to go.

These three are tight!
Could Jason's smile be any cuter!  Our deacon and his big brother, Elder Corbridge.

 Could I be any prouder!?  This is not a great shot, but I love Quayd looking down on me!  He's so tall!  And he's so BIG!  BIG iN SPIRIT!  One of Buddy's silly pix turned out to be one of my favorites!

 Here's a reason to never have more than one camera at a time.  We are ALL looking in different directions, but we are ALL very happy!

 My two favorite guys!

Look at how much taller Quayd is than his dad.  This is a celebratory day on it's own for Quayd!

 Love Doug's laugh!

 This is Quayd and his birth grandpa David.  He is a kind and loving man.  We appreciate having them in our lives.

 Grandma Toni.  They are two wonderful people.

All three kids with their birth grandparents.  

 Quayd and the girls have no clue how much they are going to miss each other.  Even with all the teasing and ups and downs of being a big brother with two very close sisters, they have their moments.  They are about to realize that those moments are going to be missed immensely!

 I'm literally sick that we didn't get a picture of Stott and Wendy and Todd with Quayd.  We'll have more opportunities on his mission farewell day, but still!  DANG!!!

It was a wonderful day.  Quayd has taken this so seriously.  He's studying.  He's preparing.  He's doing all that he can to be ready.  And now that graduation will be this week, he can truly give it his all for the last weeks before he leaves!  This is really happening!  Life is good!

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