Tuesday, May 10, 2016

the big picture

I'm heading to the cabin today to see the progress on the renovation.  The floors are going in and then the cabinets.  It's finally coming together!  Excitement!  We are hoping to be able to take a weekend trip up to the ranch as a family before Quayd leaves for California. It would be awesome to stay in the cabin instead of the loft, but either way, we'll be celebrating! We'll see when we can squeeze it into our crazy schedule between now and mid-July.  Right now, I'm not seeing when, but we'll try make it work!

So, today's thought is short and sweet.  I've been dealing with a lot right now and some of it has not been pleasant. (and it's not Kelly.  We've not heard from her in almost a year and a half.  Although, that's a hurt of it's own.) There's always got to be opposition in something, right? No complaints, just fact. So, I'm trying to keep my eye on "the big picture" and what's great in my life at the moment.  It always seems to help! ALWAYS.

So, here's ten completely trivial and yet important to me,today, things I'm thankful for this morning and then my big deep thought for the day....

1.  Doug's such an amazing husband!
2.  Quayd's going to serve the Lord in California!
3.  School is almost over!
4.  Grace has only one more year at school all the way in Smithfield! 
5.  My left foot does not hurt!
6.  My friends are more than amazing!
7.  My hot tub helps on even the worst of days!
8.  I love my hOMe!
9.  I love my kids...each and every one, no matter what.
10.  There's Diet Coke in both of my refrigerators!

 So, my thought, this morning, helps me immensely in times of struggle:

NOW is part of eternity!

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  1. I am on the opposite end of things here, my son will be coming HOME this summer, after 2 years. Such exciting times for you. One thing I did that everyone loved. I have a blog for my son and each week he sends me a letter to post as well as pictures. I will then have it printed into a book when he gets home. Also, do you know about the missionary mom groups? I love them, you can talk to others who have missionaries in your son's area as well as members there where he is serving. I love love getting a picture of my son at someone's house for dinner!!!!