Thursday, May 26, 2016

it's a good life

What a fantastic day Monday was!  Taking the pix of Quayd was great fun.  Just being together was awesome! I was so excited I could hardly stand it!  After spending much of the night working on Quayd's announcement, I was in tears and frustrated beyond words and finally went to bed.  I sent a text off to my friend Heather, who is uber talented in the card making department, as well anything she attempts to do, and said, "HELLLLLLLP!"  Heather was more than willing!  I sent her several of Quayd's pix that I'd taken and she created the best custom HEATHER-MADE grad/mission announcement that I've ever seen!  I could hardly wait to see it and just as I was dozing off last night, I heard a ding on my iPad, leaped up to see and HAPPINESS!!!  It was perfect!  We chatted back and forth for a bit and called it a night.  I was so excited that it took me a long time to wind down and get back to sleep.

Carol had wanted me to ride to the airport with her yesterday and then drive her car back.  I don't do a lot of that kind of thing anymore because, even with cruise control, my dang foot pays bigtime if I'm driving long distances.  On days like yesterday, just driving the kids around a lot means an hour in the hottub as soon as I get home. There are days that I soak two or three times, as a result of it.  However, Carol needed my help annnnd my dear friend, Sally, is in the hospital between SLC and here, so I thought it would be a great chance to break up the drive home and visit Sally.  I've not been able to get to Ogden to see her yet. At the last minute, Carol discovered that her sister, Mary Ann was going to SLC anyway on the same day, so, Ann took her instead. I stayed home and my day ended up entirely different!

I was up and at Square One Print Shop at 8:30, after taking Zee to school, to get Quayd's announcement printed.  Denise was not feeling well, so I was heading to grab her a Sonic Coke to deliver when Zee called and said that everyone was just roaming the halls all day.  School officially ends tomorrow, but she was just sitting there, chilling, and she wanted to chill with me at home.  They were not even taking roll.  So, I ran back to pick her up from school.  (Her HS gets out a week before Grace and Quayd's.)  Then, we ran to Sonic and delivered Denise her coke.  We didn't stay long, but we were able to give her Quayd's first announcement.

Every other minute, I've been on the phone or at my calendar trying to co-ordinate all of Quayd's events of the next week.  It's going to be a wild one!  SO EXCITING!

Zee and I enjoyed her "last day of school lunch" at Black Pearl.  That's been a tradition for years and years. I told her to choose anyplace in the valley since it was just the two of us.  She chose Black Pearl anyway, it's her favorite.  She got her sushi and was a happy camper!  She grabbed my phone, as usual, and started snapping selfies and pix of us both.  She's too funny!  I never know what I'll find on my phone when I pick it up if ZJ is around.  She's the selfie queen!

After school, things went crazy!  We were going in every direction.  Doug came in about 40 minutes late from work.  He'd called on his drive home and we continued talking on the phone until he walked in the door. We were in deep conversation but he had to interrupt with "Babe, I have to be at the church in five minutes."  We would have to continue talking in bed before we had a chance to talk alone again. The girls wanted to go to the mall.  I had a bridal shower/open house for Natalie's daughter that I was so excited to attend in Smithfield.  Everyone had to be someplace at one point or another during the evening and since Doug was at church meetings, I was the "deliverer".  This meant that I ended up dropping off the gift in Smithfield and a few announcements while I was at it and getting kids to where they needed to be when they needed to be there.  I need the word Taxi on my forehead!

There were two huge big news events in our home yesterday.  First...  over the past few months, I've been praying that I would "bump into" Kelly someplace.  It hasn't happened.  We have not seen Kelly since the week before Christmas of 2014.  So, a year and a half.  We hear that she's moved to Texas.  We hear that she's in town.  We hear that she's with this person.  We hear she's back with her husband.  We hear she filed for divorce.  We hear all sorts of things but never know what the truth is.  Anyway, about a month ago, Natalie said that she'd seen Kelly at Walmart. Kelly doesn't really know Nat, and Nat was in line, so she didn't have a chance to speak with her.  Since Natalie told me that, I have mentioned to my closest friends, that if they ever run into Kelly, let her know that we love and miss her.  I've told Kara, Natalie, Carol, Denise, Jamie and a few in-laws.

Yesterday, after lunch, Jamie and I were texting about Book Group for a few minutes.  Half an hour later, I got another text from Jamie, "I SAW KELLY!"  I texted her back, "CALL ME!!"  Jamie called and told me that she'd run into her at the dollar store.  Jamie approached Kelly and they visited for a few minutes.  She said Kelly looked healthy and good.  Kelly told her that she'd not seen us and didn't even know where we lived.  Jamie told her that we really love and miss her, they hugged and they parted.  I was so happy to hear that someone had actually seen her and visited!  And Jamie is just the perfect one because she's so loving and accepting of everyone.  I couldn't wait to tell Doug!

I had wanted to tell Doug face to face when he got home from work. However, when he called me on his drive home, his first words were, "Babe, Kelly called me."  "Our Kelly?!?!"   "Yes, our Kelly."  I told him about Jamie and he told me about their chat as he drove home and then a bit more at bedtime because that was the only alone time we had last night.  She said she's doing well.  She asked if we'd moved to Logan but not where.  She asked if Quayd was graduating this year?  Doug did not tell her about Quayd's mission call. He said that she did most of the talking.  They visited for about half an hour. Doug said she has "the gift of gab". She's not with the husband anymore.  She said sometimes she is really lonely.  He told her that the kids are such great kids.  And they hung up.  No plans to see each other.  No exchange of address.  Nothing.  But, she's alive and the ice has been broken. We called it a divine intervention via Jamie.  Tender mercy!

Our other big news is that last night, when everyone settled back down after being here and there, we were able to sit down together and complete our reading of the Book of Mormon, cover to cover, as a family!  When Doug changed shifts last year, we were able to read together as an entire family.  For years before, it's always been just me reading with the kids in the mornings or afternoons.  Doug went to bed at 8 for all those years, it was impossible in the evenings.  So, a regular part of living in our new home with a new schedule was that we would read each night from 9-9:30, before bedtime together.  We have tried to be faithful.  We did miss nights on crazy nights, especially during the renovation period, on nights that everyone is working here and there...  But, for the most part, we've been consistent.  And we're done!

Last night, after we completed it, the kids shared their thoughts.  The girls were pretty short and sweet.  Quayd, however, bore his testimony and it was awesome!  I'm thrilled that we were able to complete this together before he left!  We've read scriptures their whole lives, but with Doug there, and with them all older and comprehending so much more, this was a choice experience!  HAPPINESS!!  Doug has mentioned several times in his YSA talks and testimonies how much he has loved the special spirit we feel in our home because of our family scripture study.  Quayd said the family prayer last night and it moved me to tears.  He, again, expressed his gratitude for the Book of Mormon and all of those who sacrificed for generations that we might have it.  I heart that boy!

 Now for the reward!  Doug teased, "Let's go to Sonic and get a milkshake!"  The girls roller their eyes and Zee said, "We go to Sonic three times a day every day, Dad!"  Doug's eyes got big, "WHAT?!"  ha! Zee said, "Well not every day, three times."  She was exaggerating!  Good times!  When we finished the Book of Mormon the first time with the Bigs, we went to a hotel for two nights as a surprise reward.  It was a blast!  With Quayd's mission call, I'm thinking that this celebration won't be as elaborate, but we'll do something fun!  However, first,  we have to get through this next week of graduations and celebrations!

Life is good!  The Book of Mormon is true!  Families are forever! 


  1. Oh, so glad you heard from Kelly! Baby steps. Way to go on the completion of the Book of Mormon! That is HUGE! Quayd is soooo ready to share his testimony that will touch people's hearts. It is his gift!

  2. I'm sitting here all teary eyed reading about the tender mercy of Kelly's visit with Jamie and then call to Doug. LYB!
    Trish C