Wednesday, May 18, 2016

all sorts of crazy

Well... I'm trying.  That counts!  I fear that my blog has moved to the bottom of my priority list until Quayd is out of here!

So.  A quick update of my last week...  I've not even had time to write it down, let alone blog about it!

Last weekend, Doug and I had a fun double date with Alan and Jill.  We went out for dinner at Black Pearl, then came home and played our new game, "Idiot".  Good times!

I have been to the high school more times than I can count, taking care of things for graduation and delivering kids here and there for activities.  It's definitely the end of the school year and having a Senior only intensifies it!  Next week is Quayd's last week!  CRAZY!  He's been very stressed with all that is expected at the end of the year.  Mission prepping and graduating at the same time are overload!  FUN TIMES, but seriously, it's a lottalotta.

As I was driving home on the high road from the high school, I literally, had to pull over, take this photo and say a prayer of gratitude for this beautiful valley that we live in!

Sunday, Doug gave his first official High Council talk in another ward.  We all attended the ward.  It was a beautiful meeting.  Doug forgot to text me the time that it began.  He had meetings at 8:30AM, then the Sacrament Meeting for the ward that he is assigned to, then the Sacrament Meeting for the ward that he was speaking in. The kids and I took a wild guess and went at 11 because he's mentioned something about 11ish.  I peeked in and saw that Doug was on the stand. We walked in late, as a hymn was being sung (the hymn that I thought was an opening hymn), and had to sit on the front. We realized that the meeting was almost over, not just beginning.  I was horrified to be late, but didn't want to miss his talk! (Early is on time!!!)  As the song ended, another man stood to speak.  We were in the wrong meeting... it was his assigned ward, not the speaking ward.  So, we sat through the end of that meeting and I was so grateful that we did, because the speaker, another high councilor, gave the most incredible talk.  The kids were on the edge of their seats.  Beautiful!

As soon as the meeting ended, Doug made his way down to us to say hello.  He apologized for not texting and I apologized for barging in late. Oops.  We sat down and waited for the next Sacrament Meeting to begin.  Doug gave a beautiful talk and again, we were grateful to be there.  After that meeting, we came home to our own ward and finished up the meetings there.   Sunday evening, we had a relaxing evening at home without Doug, who was in meetings until 9PM.  He'd wanted me to attend a class at 6 with him, but I couldn't be in two places at once and that particular night, I was more needed with the kids.  Some days, it's harder than others, and most days, I can arrange to be everywhere at once.  I felt bad to miss an opportunity to be with Doug.

Another highlight this week was a date with Trace and Ann, who we've not seen, all four of us together, since the day that they were released from the Bishopric.  I can see the bond that these two good men have formed.  I'm thankful for my time with Ann, anytime!  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse and good conversation.  Never long enough!  Good times!

Also, this past few days has included several doctor appointments.  Doug had a one inch sheet of plywood fall off the trailer and karate chopped his big toe a month ago.  In our 39 years of marriage, I could count, on one hand, the times that Doug has ever said, "I need to see a doctor."  Monday afternoon, we drove together for him to see a doctor who removed his toenail, which had die.  Before and after, as always, Doug has never complained!

We've also been to the eye doctor.  Both Quayd and Grace have had issues with their new contacts.  Quayd will not be taking contact lenses on his mission.  He will need glasses.  He hates glasses!  I think that once he sees the other Elders wearing them, he'll be fine with it, but he is so not amused about not wearing contacts.  (Which is really kind of ironic because all he does is complain that his eyes hurt when he has them on.)  We ordered their new glasses yesterday and they should be here within a week.  Grace's are adorable on her.  Quayd got nerdier glasses, but he liked them, so that's all that matters.

The weather has been delightful!  Windows open at night.  Flip flops, which my foot thanks me for every day.  Capris.  Spring has finally arrived!  (But, as sure as I say that, we'll get another spring snow-storm!

I am teaching Young Womens on Sunday.  I'm so excited to share a lesson about patriarchal blessings.  I've been reading and studying it for weeks.  Doug teases me about how much I study whenever I speak or teach.  It's not for the lesson.  It's for me!  My favorite thing about teaching is selfish... I learn the most!

We have tomatoes on the front porch, ready to plant in our front yard, where we are going to try to create a little salsa garden.  I'm scared to death of the thought of a garden in the front flower beds, but with all of the trees in the back, we'll never grow a thing.  It's they only thing that I don't love about this home... no garden space, but... priorities matter here.  We ate our last quart of homemade salsa a few weeks ago and we neeeeeeeeeeeeeed  a garden because homemade salsa is a staple in this home!  And I love our beautiful shady beautiful back yard, so front yard salsa garden it is!  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  And I "gotta" have my husband plant tomatoes so we can have salsa!

Life is so dang good!

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