Monday, May 16, 2016

a serious conversation

Over the past few weeks, I've been reading a lot and studying a lot and pondering a lot.  A lot.  In the middle of everything that is happening in our world, one of the best things is that I'm preparing lessons for the Young Women!  And I love love love to teach the gospel! 

One thing that I've always done with my kids is that whenever I feel impressed to share a "deep thought", I call them together, no matter what we are doing and just share the feelings from my heart.  They listen politely and get back to whatever they were doing.  It's amazing to me, how many times they will mention that a thought I'd shared came to them, even a year later.  (Grace had that happen just a few weeks ago.)

So.  This week,  the kids had come in, after school, and gotten their afternoon munchies and were about their own business.  I had been thinking all day about something I'd read.  I called everyone upstairs to my room.  They all gathered... Quayd on the chair and ottoman, Grace on our bed, Zee dramatically dropped to the floor.  I said, "I have something to share."  They are used to this. 

I began... "I do not care if I drop dead on the floor in two minutes.  I do not care if Dad drops dead two minutes later next to me.  I don't care if both dogs drop dead two minutes after that.  I do not care if the house goes up in flames and burns to the ground two minutes after that.  Just remember this and never ever ever ever forget it.  This life is a test divinely designed for each of us to know if we want the Kingdom of God more than anything else.  No matter what happens in life, no matter what, no matter how, no matter when, every single challenge or test or trial that we have is for our betterment.  Every experience is designed to help us learn and to help us grow.  Heavenly Father knows what's ahead.  We do not.  Every challenge is preparing us for something that lies ahead.  Every challenge makes us stronger. Every challenge is for our benefit, no matter how badly it hurts as it happens.  Someday, we can look back and understand more and know that we grew from it.  We don't have to like it.  But, we do have to grow from it.  Does everyone understand that?"

They all sat there looking at me in silence.  Quayd finally spoke and said, "Mom?  Is there something you need to tell us?  Are you okay?  Has something happened?"  I said, "No.  Everything's fine.  No one has died.  No one's house has burned to the ground.  Al is well."  Quayd said, "Good." Then I said, "You might need to share that message while you are on your mission though."  He said, "Okey dokey then.  Thanks, Mom."  And they all left.  End of story.

It's strange, how this works.  But, I felt impressed to share it.  They'll remember it.  Hopefully, it will come back to them when they need to hear it.

Life is good... even when we are challenged.

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