Wednesday, March 30, 2016

spring break/weekend update

We've had such a busy week but really done nothing much at all... just lots of running!  We celebrated Doug's birthday and Easter Sunday with church, YSA kids coming for dinner and Doug's favorite tradition during the Easter Season... running over Peeps with the car.  He's so funny about that.  We had students for dinner and then went to the Devotional after dinner, where the YSA gave Doug their Peeps just to watch him run more over in the church parking lot.  That face is always priceless when he does it and his comment, "This is when Peeps have met the full measure of their creation."  He won't eat them, but he loves to run them over!

We woke up on Monday morning, our first day of spring break to six inches of snow.  CRAZY way to being Spring Break.  ZJ came upstairs, fell to the floor with a very dramatic, "Noooooooo!"  Grace came upstairs and said a simple, "Why?"  Quayd just rolled with it, as he does most everything.

Later in the day, Eric and Grace made the most of the weather by making a snowman, which they named "Frosting".

I was glad to take his photo because he only lasted a few hours and began melting away, although the snow continued off and on through Wednesday afternoon, with lots of intermittent rain.  Eric and Grace have a lot of fun together.   They are very accepting of the "Never be Alone" rule and do a lot of things around the house to keep busy.  He's a good friend.


More snow.  Lots of it.

On Monday evening, for YSA Family Home Evening, we all gathered for "Wally Ball" at the Sports Academy.  Those who are less of the athletic type played Tenzi with my girls and I or chess.  Some rotated and did both.  Fun time!  We enjoyed the time with them and driving home in a literal blizzard!  Another reason I love living in Logan now!  Everything is so close!

One of the YSA kids asked, "Sister Corbridge, how many kids do you have total besides the three at home?"  I said, "Six!  The bigs and the babes!"  He responded, "Wow!  And then you adopt another two hundred kids like us?!"  OH WHAT A PLEASURE IT IS!!

Tuesday morning, in a huge blizzard-like drive, we headed down to our awesome dentist office for Quayd and Zee, followed by lunch with Miki, Wendy and Alyssa at Pizza Pie Cafe.  Quayd attended the funeral of his co-worker, Nyals.  I was proud of him for doing it on his own.  He came home and told me all about the services, which were both the funeral of Nyals and his mother.  A long and emotional experience.  Still shaking my head.

Tuesday evening officially began our break because Doug was home for the rest of the week!  We decided to start a movie marathon where we would watch a movie and the next movie had to have one cast member from the previous movie.  We ordered pizzas, ate relish trays and sandwiches and have had lots of down time together.  Our movie marathon went like this... if I can remember... we started Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DeCaprio to Titanic which had Bill Paxton. Next, Bill Paxton is in Apollo 13, so we watched it and went from it to River Wild with Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep.  From River we watched Mamma Mia with Meryl then I think we got confused because we ended up watching Devil Wears Prada.  (I think we got two Meryl movies in there or I'm forgetting a common denominator/actor.) From Prada we watched Dan in Real Life... Emily Blunt.   We're still working on the marathon.  I think that tonight, we will be watching Les Mis because Anne Hathaway is in it and Devil... OR we may go with another Stanley Tucci movie.   The goal was to end up with Ton Hanks again... ANYWAY.  It's fun to think about who's in a movie and who is in another one.  It's kept us entertained.

In the meantime, we also went to see Saturday's Warrior at the theater on Friday, which is an LDS musical play done in the 70s, and has now been made into a movie.  The kids absolutely loved it!  It's cheesy and corny and the music is splendid.  We'll be buying it the day it's available in DVD.

So, our break has been at home, included a few shifts of work for Doug and Quayd, who's still sick and seems to be getting worse, lots of time in the hot tub (alone and together), lots of food, games, laughs and wonderfully, lots of happiness and I can honestly say, I can't think of one contentious moment.  We've just enjoyed being together!

The best part of the break so far has been watching Quayd come in from his final interview with the Bishop and then with our Stake President as he now is waiting for his mission call.  He's done his part. Now, we just wait for the call to come in the mail, which will be in a few weeks, we hope.  I've been asking the YSA kids how long their calls took to arrive and one boy said that his took four months!!!!  We all know that patience is not one of my virtues!!  Typically though, it's two to four weeks.  And then, it's wait until it's time to go and do lots and lots to prepare!  Quayd is so very happy about this.   It's been fun to watch him, because I truly believe that he's grown, just through the preparation.

A few other ramblings, since I've not blogged all week long... no... I think I'll save it and post more tomorrow or later.  I've not wanted to be away from the family and have not had a lot of time to blog this week.  Well... I've had the time, but I didn't want to take the time.  We've just been enjoying the downtime together!  

More pix and more thoughts later or tomorrow.  Life is good!  So is Spring Break... even when it feels more like Christmas vacation!


  1. Sophia, my son got his call in 2 weeks. And it usually comes on a Wednesday. So be ready!!!!! (By the way, my son is now in Peru serving and loves every second of it!) Enjoy this fun time in life AND be sure to video him opening his call. I watch our little video when I am missing him!

  2. running over peeps is just plain evil! Those dear sweet things! Murderer!