Monday, March 21, 2016


I was reminded by Liza that last year, I didn't post ZJ's birthday interview.  ZJ kept busy all weekend this year, hoping that I wouldn't get around to it again, but it will happen!  ZJ keeps hoping that I'll forget.

Our weekend did not turn out like we'd planned, as we all (except Grace) got whatever bug Zeej has had all week long.  She missed school every day last week, trying to go one day but being sent home by a teacher.  I hate when people go out in public while they are sick!  Even Doug never got dressed all weekend, as he coughed and slept and ached all weekend.

On Friday night, Zeej was still feeling a bit under the weather, so stayed home while Doug, Quayd and I attended Grace's spring Bella Performance.  It was fabulous!  They did such a great job!  I texted several photos to Liza after the show and a few clips of the songs they sang.  Liza's response was "Holy Costume Changes!"  There were several!  It was quite the show!  Grace was excited to join the girls afterward for some fun latenight antics at Walmart and Village Inn for dessert.  My favorite part of the evening, however, was watching Quayd and Grace goofing off together at the Meet and Greet, after the show.  It always makes me happy to see them happy together, being friends!

The show was an absolute delight!  The girls really hammed it up.  I notice that Grace has some "moves" often.  She's too fun to watch!

This was Grace's favorite song, "It's raining MEN!"

Needless to say, I was a bit surprised to see her walk out on stage in her upcoming prom dress!  She hadn't mentioned that to me.  It's fine with me... more use is good.  But, Eric has seen the dress now.  Oh well... it's not like it's a wedding dress!

I love this picture!  Could she be any cuter?  (Said in all humility!  wink-wink!)

This was one of the last songs.  Doug and I were both shocked at how much she looks like Kelly sometimes.  This photo definitely captured a Kelly face.  I wish I could remember what Zeej said about this costume.  It was hysterical!  ZJ can always be counted on for a laugh!  This song was not laughable though.  It was magical!

One last change of dress for the curtain call.

Could she be any more feminine?  I don't have that much grace in my pinky finger!  Always demonstrative, always graceful.

I had to share this cute shot of the two of them clowning around.  Truth:  They don't always get along like this.  Sometimes, it's downright ugly.  They are normal teens!  So, I love the moments when they are besties!

It really was a fun show!

Thankfully, I didn't get the bug until late Saturday night.  Zeej was the only one getting better, so, she and I were able to celebrate her birthday in the most unusual way.  Zeej, Grace and I met Carol for breakfast at The Crepery before taking Grace to work.  Zee and I did a little birthday shopping.  We went to Best Buy to pick up a few gifts from her dad.  Doug wanted her to have a Disney CD because he loves hearing the girls singing the Disney songs all the time together.  We also bought Hotel Transylvania 2, another kid movie, but both things that she was so excited to have!  We ordered her other gifts together... a helmet and pads for her new longboard.  I can't believe it but we've finally allowed her to have a board since her bestie, Lydia, has one too.  Make-up and skateboards... teenage girls today... go figure!

the crepery... she hates it when I pull out the camera... but she does a hundred selfies a day and that's okay.  LOL

at Best Buy... oh my word, she get's more beautiful every day!

one of the many selfies that Zee took while we played...not my favorite picture, but she posted on her Facebook page with it: I love my mom so much!  This morning was a blast! @ our goofy side  Ya gottaluvthat!

sushi with bestie Lydia ... in this one, I can see in her eyes that she'd been sick all week but she wasn't going to miss her birthday

Black Pearl owners always treat my kiddos with a special treat on their birthday.  Selena surprised Zee with this mango something or another.  It's Mango, so I couldn't eat it, but Lydia and Zee thought it was pretty tasty!

We worked on our Young Women's project in the afternoon before we picked Lydia up and took Grace to her performance at the High School in the evening.  We left Quayd and Doug in their beds at home, dropped Grace off at school and went to Black Pearl for ZJ's requested sushi.  She was in heaven.  After sushi and a stop at Lee's for treats to bring home (no birthday cake, by choice), the girls watched their movie marathon of Hotel Transylvanias and laughed themselves silly.  ZJ said it was her best birthday ever.  I thought it was so strange... no cake, no treasure hunt, no songs, nothing but whatever she wanted to do.  But, if she was happy, then, so was I.  ZJ hates birthdays.  She always has.  She doesn't like the attention and fuss at all.

Sunday morning, we all woke up feeling like the gamboo had hit us hard.  So, no one got dressed.  No one got out of bed for hours on end.  We ended up catching up on this season of American Idol and I spent a lot of time online reading about Young Womens activities and ideas.  I did make some porkchops and Zeej made some baked potatoes for us.  Not a normal Sabbath Day at all for us.  We totally missed out on the opportunity of attending the new Provo Temple Dedication.  Sadness. But, we were together, resting and trying to recuperate from this bug.

It was a different weekend... a different birthday... a different Sabbath.  But, it was a good one and that's all that matters.  This family of mine... they rock my world... even when they are sick!  Life is good!

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