Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Another major part of Quayd's missionary prep is something that we should have done years ago, but we've just procrastinated and, basically, never think about it unless we need it, which has been exactly twice since the adoption was complete... is get their birth certificates.  It's all been legal and fine, except for needing the correct names for drivers licenses.  Since neither Quayd or Grace were really anxious to drive (and still haven't really been), there's been no need.  However, it's sort of important for Quayd to have a drivers license/ID before he goes on a mission.

So, yesterday morning, bright and early, Carol drove me to Salt Lake City to get the kids' birth certificates.  I had called ahead to make sure that everything was in order and there was no surprises before driving a hundred miles.  We walked in, I filled out a few papers, handed them in, paid the $204 then we waited about thirty minutes.  A very sweet woman called me to her window.  I reviewed the information in two different formats and she hit print.  She handed me the birth certificates to approve and my tears just started to fall.  I couldn't believe it.  After all these years... since November of 2001, and now since the actual adoption in 2008, I looked at these birth certificates with their last name, Corbridge, as official as official gets and I stood there just bawling.  The woman said, "You just cry.  I see this a lot.  You think it's all signed sealed and delivered, then you see it on the birth certificate and it hits you all over again."  She also said that I'd be surprised at how many people wait to get the birth certificates until they need them.  Then she said, "You should celebrate!"  (My kind of woman!)   

I walked back to Carol with tears on my face.  She immediately teased, "Shocker!"  It was amazing to me how the flood of emotions came over me all over again!  What a blessing to have that sweet reminder of our most sacred and wonderful experience!  And what a blessing to be a family!

Carol and I stopped for lunch at Red Robin on the way home.  It was my first experience ever, eating there.  We enjoyed a very tasty bbq burger!  Then, a quick stop at the At Home stire and one last stop at FiZZ for pina colada dirty cokes.  OH MY!

When I got home, I was ready for the hot tub!  I missed the night before while it reheated and I took my book, my coke and enjoyed an hour alone with Maisey Dobbs, the new series I've started reading.  A perfectly quiet afternoon.  The girls were downstairs and Quayd, was yet again, sleeping.  He's back to school and life officially on Thursday since he had no school on Wednesday.

ZJ, Lydia and Grace came outside to the hottub and said that their friends were here.  Doug came in from work, I got out and dressed and when I looked outside in the front yard, there were a dozen kids hanging out in the front yard.  Zeej had pulled out a lawn chair and I started to laugh.  Two boys were wrestling in a snow mound and a lawn chair on the driveway... what's wrong with this picture?  Too funny... Cache Valley spring... a touch of winter and summer on the same day.  The kids had a blast playing basketball, then went over to the park that our church sits on to hang out.  Good times being teens!  I hate the ugly basketball standard attached to the front of our home, but the kids love it, so it will remain.  How grateful I am for these awesome kids that my own three call their friends!

Life is good!  Very very good!


  1. My husband recently adopted my son, when we got the birth certificate in the mail it was such a surreal moment, I did tear up. A great thing indeed.

  2. Such a special reminder of the how a series of unfortunate events led to such a great blessing in your family.

    I have followed your family's life story for so many years now and I have to say --- something that has crossed my mind often is: What do you think your life would look like today if you'd been empty-nesters all these years (besides quieter).

    An empty nest is a quiet nest (except when the 'grands' come to visit.