Thursday, March 10, 2016

a sentiment on a beautiful spring morning

We met as a Young Womens Presidency for the first time last night.  I sat there with these women... one who I have known for over twenty years by name but never had but one conversation with who I've met and visited with for possibly an hour in the past year and one who I met on Sunday.  I sat there in awe, thinking of how wonderful it is to feel so instantly connected to each other without even knowing each other.  We have one purpose in common and that will carry us forward.  I'm excited, very excited, to get to know these awesome ladies.  We planned the next few month's activities and it looks like we will get right into it!  Have I mentioned that I'm excited!  I have a lot to learn!

It was such a beautiful sunrise this morning.  The days are getting longer!  It's lovely!  Doug called me, as he was driving to work, to say, "Look at the beautiful sunrise!"  I was thankful not to miss the beautiful pink sky.  Then, while driving the kids to school, I saw the sun on the Wellsvilles and had to pull over to take a picture. Oh how I love living in this beautiful valley!  As Doug says, even on the most foggy inversion days of winter, there is never a day in Cache Valley that is not beautiful!  We are blessed!

One quick sentiment.  Yesterday, a friend sent me a text photo of the beach that they were walking on while on a Mexican cruise.  I am thrilled for my friend to be there!  I had to look twice at the was so beautiful that it looked like a postcard or something you'd download off the net.  The cruising friend called me for a short chat yesterday afternoon while waiting to go back on board the ship.  I was so happy and excited to hear about the first half of their trip and all that they are doing!  What a blast!  The food, the shopping, the activities, the SUN!  WOW!  I was enjoying it just by hearing about it!  Literally!

 I love nice things and doing wonderful and exciting things, but when I can't do it, I am genuinely happy for friends who get to go and do.  I mentioned this friend's trip to another friend recently and the second friend asked me, "Aren't you just a bit jealous!?"  No, I'm not.  This friend paused, looked at me and said, "I really don't think you are."  No, I'm not. Why should I be? We are so blessed with such a good life and so many wonderful friends and people and things and, mostly, the gospel of Christ.  How can I be jealous that someone else has something I don't? Heavenly Father knows and sees what I need (and want) and He has blessed me with everything and more! I have so so many blessings in my only life - only sometimes different and always suited, perfectly, to me!  I'll happily take my different blessings, my own personal blessings.  They are so good!  We are so blessed.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

(And I might add... if it doesn't, we aren't grateful enough.  Just sayin'.)
It's a stay home and study day other than one quick jaunt out.  I have run Quayd to another quick doctor's appointment and drop something off for Grace at the high school when I pick him up. I'll be driving right past Sonic...of all the luck. ;)

Life is good!  LIVE JOYFULLY!!!

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