Thursday, March 17, 2016

seventeen is working for her

 Eric called while I was out and about to ask me if he and a couple of friends could come over to "decorate" Grace's room with an invitation to Senior Prom.  He got here shortly after I did with a carload of balloons, wrapped and zip-tied in blankets and sheets.
They poured the bags full of balloons and then hung streamers everywhere.  We visited while they got the job done!
directions on the poster board.
 Grace didn't get home from rehearsal until after 9.  ZJ and I waited in her room when we heard her walk in upstairs.  She noticed that her light was on first and said that she wondered if she'd left it on?  But, she had no clue.  Her face!

 Zeej videotaped it while I took pictures.
 Her response was, "WHAT!?  It's beautiful!  Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh! This is beautiful!  I love it!  OKAY!  So which one shall I start with!?"
 She popped
  and popped
 and popped!
 Quayd had already gone to bed and she worried that she would wake him up.
 But, it didn't stop her!
Every balloon had a piece of paper inside it.  All, but one, were blank.
 And then she found "the one".
 The papers would go flying when the balloons popped and she'd have to check and double check.
 And then, she found one that said, "This is the one."
 Is that a happy face or what?!  She's so excited!  Grace's enthusiasm for life is almost "magical".  She's always been so demonstrative and she's so feminine and graceful.  It was just darling to watch her enjoy this experience.

 What a wonderful time Grace is having being seventeen!  She has friends and loves her family. She is so involved in school and loves the learning and the social aspect of it.  We love to hear her beautiful voice as she does dishes.  She always sings while she washes dishes...when she's around to do them!  She's just a joy most of the time! (Keeping it real...she is seventeen!)  It's a delight to watch her grow into this lovely young lady that she is!

Life is good!

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