Wednesday, March 16, 2016

the best!!!

I've waited over a week to share these photos!  A week ago, Liza and Buddy took Aylabelle to Disneyland for her first time!  She is absolutely mesmerized by anything having to do with the Disney Princesses.  ANYTHING!  So, they were anxious to see her reactions to seeing them live.  Liza sent me these five photos, taken consecutively, by text.  Doug and I, literally, cried when we opened them!  They were amazing!  Buddy had bought a new camera the week before they went, so thankfully, he was able to capture this moment for history!  Aylabelle's middle name is "Joy" and she truly is the most joyful child I've ever seen!  You can see it in this pix!

Liza said that Aylabelle saw Rapunzel and turned to her mommy and just grabbed her face in sheer excitement!  Aren't these fabulous!  (She sent them to me in a low resolution by text, but there's no pictures that I have ever loved more!)

I still cry just looking at them!

Sheer JOY!

I LOVE these two girls more than anything imaginable!


  1. Oh my...what absolutely precious pictures!! I just love her little face!!

  2. So sweet. My favorite is the third one down. I hope they had the opportunity to see the Paint the Night parade. It's amazing and my girls FLIPPED when they saw it, it was like seeing The Beatles comes to America they were so excited.