Thursday, March 3, 2016

moving right along...

After a very sleepless night, I was so not excited about all that needed to be done today.  Carol had driven me to SLC on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to drive all three kids to the Social Security Office in Ogden (almost an hour of a drive) to change their SS cards, now that they have their birth certificates officially saying Corbridge.  Why I've put this off for so long, I have no clue. Well, other than the fact that no one wants to sit in these offices for unlimited and unknown amounts of time to be "handled" by strangers who do not seem to like their job very much.  But, that's done! 

It was a perfect day to do this since Quayd and Grace had no school.  So, it was a busy morning.  Quayd had the follow-up to his physical and then he got all but six of his braces removed. He has only the six front top ones left and he is so over this whole thing!  He just wants them off!  Next Monday!  Only ten days to go!  I'm just as happy because I'm dying to get his Senior Pictures taken and I'd like to have some done in the snow, if there's any left.

Quayd went back to the doctor to have his TB test checked and to give a UA for the physical.  He didn't have to "Go" on Monday, so while there this time, they gave him the sample cup and had him try again today.  We laughed so hard when he came out of the bathroom and said, "I'm a pee donor!"  Okey dokey then, Quayd.  His humor!

The Social Security office in the Utah Federal Building was a bit unnerving to the kids.  They haven't ever had that experience of being patted down, scanned and searched before and that's what happens before entering.  The wait was over an hour once we were inside.  Quayd had to be there with me because he is eighteen now and legal.  This is killing me!  How did he become an adult!?  It's never a pleasant experience to sit through anything like this but the woman that managed our paperwork was very pleasant.

One of the things that I really struggle with because of my foot is driving long distances. So, once we'd driven to Smithfield for the doctor appointment and then to Ogden for this Social Security appointment, I was done.  We were there near Pier 1 and Target, which the girls and I love, but we just ate at In-N-Out and then came straight home.  I was done!

The kids came home and immediately kicked into "Friend Mode", so I enjoyed some time in the hottub alone with my book.  Quayd did come out and start talking but before I knew it, he was asleep on the swing. (He's done a lot of that since his wisdom teeth. So, again, alone until Doug came in.

ZJ made dinner last night and after I'd not slept for two nights in a row, I decided to crawl into bed with my book at 8:45.  I woke up this morning when Doug came in to kiss me goodbye!  Apparently, I was really tired because I don't remember a thing after crawling into bed!

It's been such a busy few weeks and there is much to do for Quayd's mission.  But, it's good busy!  It's great busy!  I can't believe that Quayd has begun his very last trimester of high school!  Time is moving much too quickly!  Life is good!

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